How I’m Dealing With The Coronavirus Stuff

For me I’ve been enjoying this break ALOT but the one thing that is really upsetting me is all the things that got cancelled but of this stupid virus. I know that it’s a really big deal It just upsets me that all the fun excited things that were coming up turn out to be cancelled or postponed. The thing that has been keeping me busy is all the school work and just cleaning non stop at my house otherwise I really nothing to do because I have a boring life like that. I have been managing the online school pretty well but sometimes I get overwhelmed with stuff. I’m not so nervous for the future but more on just how things will turn out because a lot of the things are like registration and other things that include high school. I’ve just been been listening to music and doing exercise to keep me calm and productive.

One thought on “How I’m Dealing With The Coronavirus Stuff

  1. Yeah I totally agree with you. I’ve been really bummed about all the stuff that’s been cancelled, especially things like the Grand Concert and our Spring break 😭 I’m very astonished that you’ve able to keep on top of all your work, cause I’ve been having a super hard time managing all of it. I hope that registration goes well for you and that you stay well and healthy. Good job on this post! 🙂 BTW I might’ve seen you in a car the other day when I was out driving with my dad haha

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