Getting To Know My Inner Voice

I think that my inner voice is pretty useful although it’s sometimes really distracting and not that useful.  I also learned that my inner voice as a lot of weird and dumb conversations for some reason. My inner voice rereads when a person is speaking or when a person is reading something to be I say it again in my head. My inner voice also does and thinks a lot of questions while reading or just spacing out thinking of so many thoughts. I also think my inner voice is helpful and it also helps he think in a good way while reading.

What Would I Miss Most?

I have gained the understanding that life is hard and it’s not an easy thing to deal with and that many challenges will come your way. Another thing was that right now the thing I should focus on is getting good grades in school and just be good at understanding things. I think I take for granted is that we have new music and our phones and basically technology to help us with communication and to help us pass time and for other great things. The thing I would miss most if I lived back then I would miss listening to the amazing music we have today. I would also miss technology.

A Whole New Year

I think I will become a better person in writing and just trying the be a better person in general.I want to accomplish being on top of things and I also want to be able to have good grades and I also want to be more intelligent and I also want to see my self as a person who’s strong and someone who really can be really successful. I to be more better when i’m in a bad situation like not get angry and then mess everything up. I think I want to become a better writer because I myself isn’t the best at writing. My plans for the rest of the school year is to become more happy and to become a really good nice and reasonable person and a person that people look up to as a good role model for them.

The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

The story I liked the most was “All Summer in a Day” the story was about a class who lived in Mars and in Mars every twenty years the sun shines because it’s always raining. Their is this one girl who get’s bullied because she was the only one who lived on earth. I connected to it because I also got bullied for being different and I was always kinda sad in elementary.I liked the story because of the good conflict in the story like “The rain stopped.It was as if, in the midst of a film concerning an avalanche, a tornado, a hurricane, a volcanic eruption, something, first, gone wrong with the sound apparatus, thus muffling and finally cutting off all noise, all of the blasts and repercussions and thunders, and then,second, ripped the film from the projector and inserted in its place a beautiful tropical slide which did not move or tremor. ” I really like this cause it gives excitement that the rain stopped.

The Good Stuff

I’m really grateful for a lot of things like my friends my family and everyone who been in my life. I’m grateful that I can eat food when I  get home I’m grateful that I have amazing friends that support me so much and they always look out for me.I’m so grateful for amazing family I have that have been with me through so much and how we all faced through tough timed but we were able to go through that together. I’m grateful that I can have so many opportunities in life and that I can do many things now. I’m grateful for being well taken care of by my loving family and I’m just really grateful for so many things that I can’t list them all.But overall that’s what i’m most thankful for.

Everybody Was Finally Equal

How this would apply to society? Well people are always judging because of someone more successful than them so they find a way to make fun of it or to degrade it in someway. By doing that it makes the person do it less or just not tell anyone that they do it. We do punish some people if they beat the system in a way or tell someone to stop because it’s not right so we sometimes tell people or do something to stop it. We do sometimes make people feel like they can’t do anything or that we make them feel like the most successful person so I guess that’s a way we make people feel inferior.I think we do it so we don’t feel bad or that we feel like we need something other than what you have that’s all I gotta saw though.

What’s On My Mind?

Yesterday I almost got a concussion because my friends were gonna do a two people piggy back ride so I was like okay then we all fell and it was really funny. Another was that a guy did something horrible! I told this guy that I liked his friend then later that day in second period he told be that he told my crush! I was like WHY DID YOU DO THAT and almost killed him but later I thought about it and it wasn’t that bad. Now me and him are kinda weird around each other so that GREAT but that what has been on my mind lately.

Free! Body and soul free!

In society people have many opinions in things that can make a person feel “tapped” for example it could be body issues or not a good relationship with family. It could also be something the world is okay with it. Things like this would make you feel many kinds of emotions that make you feel “trapped” like sadness and anger in a way that makes you feel like you can never escape. In these type of situations the person that is in it may ask how to gain freedom from it well if you have body issues you would start to take care of your self and do things to a that goal.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

Recently I have a friend who got a boyfriend in september and this is where it all went down. She started to make fun of me and her boyfriend did the same thing as well. So I kinda felt betrayed by her because I thought that she would have her boyfriend and leave me alone turns out that later we had a fight about this whole situation because I didn’t like what things he said about me. She thought it was okay and that he did nothing.This relates to this story called “After Twenty Years” because these two friends haven’t seen each other in 20 years but after they meet they’re was this police officer who went up to one of them. He talked to the police officer only later he saw his friend but soon realized that it was the cop and that his own best friend betrayed him because then after he got arrested.

The First Story I Read

I was assigned the story All summer in a day by Ray Bradbury. It starts off by children and a teacher a teacher is showing them flowers and weeds mixed together. These children and teacher live on Venus and it is raining all the time there. The main characters the teacher the children and a child named Margot the other children bully her cause she remembers how it was back on earth. Then the rain stops the other children start to bully Margot and they put her in the closet because they knew that the sun was gonna come out. The conflict that moves the story is that all the children give Margot something from when the rain stopped because she wasn’t able to see the sun. I didn’t like how Margot got put into the closet.