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Setting blog post

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My book is The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. My book takes place in Indiana present day during summer. It is early in the morning and a clear sky. Then he has to run from these monsters and finds the Waystation, its a magical building made by the goddess Artemis. He the later sees this room decorated for a little girl with horrible drawings on the walls.

Apollo then falls asleep and has a vision of Meg and her evil uncle Ero. Ero sends Meg after him to find and kill Apollo. He wakes up and tells everybody about his dream.

Cast Characters for Trials of Apollo

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Blake Mizrahi

Apollo is turned into a 16 year old teenager. He is skinny. Has dark brown hair. Blake Mizrahi looks a lot like Apollo and so he would be great for this fake film

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Rowan Blanchard

Meg is this 12 year old girl who is a daughter of Demeter. She has dark brown hair, about 5 feet tall. I chose Rowan Blanchard because Meg is a quirky kid and in one of Rowans rolls she is a quirky middle school student.

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Sabrina Carpenter

Calypso is a blonde half blood. she looks 16 years old but is over 1000 years old. Calypso is kind and smart. I chose Sabrina Carpenter because in one of her acting rolls she is a protective middle school student who is nice but tough.


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Benedict Cumberbatch

Nero is the villain. He has black curly hair. He has a thin face. I chose Benedict Cumberbatch because he plays a villain is one of his rolls in star trek into darkness, he is an evil clone.

Term 4 blog post

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I chose Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. I chose it because of it is the next book in the series. It’s published by my favorite author, Rick Riordan.

It is at reading level 8th-12th grade. The main character is 15 years old and has companions that are younger and older than him. It is still a very good book


He got all of these awards:

The book is well known through out the country. They have not made a movie out of it yet, but I’m hoping that someone will. Rick Riordan is known through out the world. I know that he still has more ideas for books and hope that I can read all of his books this year.

My Reading

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I got 966 on my last test. This test I got 1084. I am improving, but I thought I would get a higher score. The test is giving me more ideas for books to read. The test shows that I am getting better at reading.

I like that the main characters are always calm they never panic. I liked that we had to bring stuff that they used. I would change how much gore is in it. I would change how they guard Mal Gorman.

Get my assignments turned in on time in this class. I will read The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. I chose this book because I read the first book in the series and I want to see how this ends.

Personal Adventure

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Image result for cello with bow          Normally I get home do homework and chores then watch TV. It is pretty boring. I would try to change my schedule but it would always go back to the same old thing. Some times I would go to a friends house or go to macey’s but it was still boring.

          My call to adventure was getting to junior high I had to choose an instrument to play which I hated, but it was the rule. It was hard for me to find an instrument that I wanted to play. I then chose the cello. And playing it is hard because you have to hold the bow in a specific way and sit a certain way.

I was holding my self back. I kept telling my self that I couldn’t do it, that it was to hard, but my parents were there to help me. I was able to push my self. Now I’m loving it, it was a very interesting experience.

My mentors were my parents the helped build up my confidence when we were playing in our first concert. Mr. Beck was one of my mentors along with Mr. Shumway they helped me understand the music and how to hold my bow and cello. They told me what the notes are and their names and counts they get.


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When I was younger I thought that one of my Lightning McQueen cars was lucky. I would take it every where. One day I lost it I so being the 5 year old I was I cried. I thought that with out it I wasn’t lucky any more and so I then started to look for it and after a wile I found it. Then a week later I lost it again. It took me forever to find it again. I was so sad that I lost it that I cried again forever. I then found it one my birthday and got more cars.

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At the end of sixth grade I didn’t want to play an instrument but the school paper I got said that I had to. I told my mother and she said that I would be good for me so we looked and looked and looked, then finely I found an instrument that I wanted to play, it was the cello.

Term 3 Update

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On Christmas break I had done a lot of stuff. I went to the Zoo, got $54 from my grandma and grandpa, had gotten an X-box one, had a lot of ham and turkey, had fun with my family, and had made many wonderful memories. My aunt and uncle from Pennsylvania came for the holidays. We saw many of my family members who live faraway. All of this took place on Christmas eve to New years day. On New years eve we watched scary movies and at midnight we shot confetti and had balloons fall from the ceiling.

The book I have chosen is The Whisper by Emma Clayton. Emma Clayton lives in Leamington Spa, England with her two kids. She won three awards, USBBY Outstanding International Books Honor List, 2010, Texas Library Association’s Lone Star Reading List, 2010, Yorkshire Coast Book Award, 2010. The Whisper is the sequel to The Roar. The book is about two telepathic twins who are separated and their only goal is to find each other.

My goals are to do assignments in class and keep my grades up and turn in my homework. To be healthier, I would like to have a healthier diet and life style. Finally to read more books, I want to be a better reader.

Symbols and Theme

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Percy’s Sword is important because without it he would be gorgon lunch. The sword symbolizes, strength. He also has his watch that can turn in to a shield. That represents defense. The least important object is his panda bear pillow pet. It symbolizes care, and warmth.

That Percy is very powerful. Boys form ages 12 and up. If I was designing the cover I would of added more detail and add in all of the characters on the cover.

The theme is that you need good friends to go threw tough times. Hazel needs Frank to help he feel welcome. Frank needs Hazel to make him feel safe. Percy needs Frank and Hazel to just be there for him when his memory is wiped.

My favorite book

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My favorite book is the mark of Athena. It is my favorite book because I read the Percy Jackson series and I loved them. In it Percy is on the Argo II and they are trying to find the Athena Pallas, because it has this power that will make the half bloods unstoppable. I think that it is a really good book. I would recommend it for everyone age 13 and up if they like fantasy books.

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A Main Characters are the most important.

Minor Characters are not so impotent characters.

Static Characters are Characters that go threw a lot of changes, Flat characters are people that go threw no changes.

A Dynamic character is a person that gos therw a personal change.

A Protagonist is a person who is the main person in a group.

A Antagonist is the person in a group of people that opposes the prodagoninst.

A Nemosis is the bad guy basicly but canot be defeted(like death or cancer or evil).

A sidekick is the most dependable and the most stadic and is always going to help our hero


In the Book Son of Neptune, Percy, Hazel, Frank are the main characters. Percy is the most main character the nemesis is Gaea the earth goddess who is using children, the giants, to destroy her grandchildren, the gods. Percy is the son of Neptune, or Poseidon,Hazel is the daughter of Pluto, and Frank is the son of Mars. Frank is a static character

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