Love Moderately

I think friar lawrence is giving good advice they need to build a good relationship instead of getting married right away they are going way to fast at the age of 13-16 its not right because they still kids they have a whole life of making decisions and making good memories some people are ok […]

True love

  love means that there are no expectations or limitations set. love is love without tryin to change the other person because you love them for their personality and just how they act in general love has no room for jealousy because you know if they love you, you should have no fear it should […]

Should schools still teach shakesphere?

I think that shakespeare should definitly be taught because even though its hard you’re still strengthening your mind and even though its out dated theirs a lot of history to it and learning this history and training our minds is a good thing I think shakespeare is good and we should learn it he was […]

What we learned about people

Everyone is different in their own way the way they act, move, talk, even the way they speak. But that’s ok because not everyone is the same that’s how we have cool conversations or different opinions i think its cool how their different people and how we all change the world in our own way […]

What i don’t know about he people of this class

Some people i know some i don’t that’s ok though because everyone has a cool story to tell like how their life has been or how its going just simple things and simple questions can make someone smile and have a better day and it opens your mind instead of staying glued to your phone […]

What Makes A Person Great

what i think makes a person great is the way the’re personality is or the way the act around people cause if your mean or rude no one will like you the thing is, if your humble and kind and do un to others as you want done to your self and if you can […]


  Why do people hate each other? Why i think people hate each other is that either we cant get along or we cant agree on something like religion every one has their opinion on god or if they believe in multiple gods yet we argue over which which and cant get it right we […]

Good Stuff

I chose”There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them” page (245) Miss Maudie said this this quote really spoke to me and i liked it a’lot mostly cause it’s true its powerful and neat because there are men and women who […]

An Authority on Courage – Superman

A friend is facing a really tough decision that will require great courage. This person is not sure that he or she can do the right thing Who comes to mind when I ask you to think of someone who is an authority on courage?┬átry not to cry the best way to asses the situation […]