Blog #4 – Connector


This is a picture of the ocean. In the novel, Mary constantly refers to the ocean, believing that it/something exists outside of the forest and the community.



This is a picture of a seminary/religious building. In the community, religion is a big part and is law. Mary lost this connection between herself and God/religion that the Sisterhood and the community work to have everyone believe in and follow.





This is a picture of a worker appearing to work/fix a fence. In the novel, the Guardians are people who are building and maintaining the fence that protects the community and paths that lead to/from the community.




This is a picture of a tree. In the novel, the community is placed in the middle of a forest, and trees/the forest are an important part in everyone’s lives. It is partially what makes Mary believe in the ocean because the ocean is something very different from the forest.



After being halfway through the novel, things are starting to pick up. I do believe that the conflict in the first part of the novel was believable, but something seemed off about it to me. There was to much tension and almost seemed forced. After the breach in the fences, however, now the conflict is becoming more realistic and it flows much better. I am liking the section after the breach much more than before and am more interested in seeing what happens.


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