on stealing

Liesel is a thief and it isn’t really justified. “Boo hoo! I don’t have ze money or a jub to git me money to buy my würste!”. Terribly sad, but may I remind you that literally everyone is struggling too?! This is WWII Germany, yeesh! Everybody is in pain and struggling with food and money! “But Rafael, she’s the protagonist!”. Shut up! Shut. Up! It doesn’t matter! You shouldn’t steal for yourself in times where everybody’s struggling. If anything, you’re making things worse for the people you steal from! They lose something valuable that they need just as much as you do, MEMINGER. They even might have worked for it instead of nabbing it from somebody else! don’t even get me started on how stealing destroys the economy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


                                                                             Pictured: me clapping angrily

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