Post #4: Story Analysis

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A young girls family was eating spinach pies at her grandmothers house. As they where dishing out the pie, she knocked into a old relic. It was a plate that had been passed down for generations. She watched it as it smashed into pieces on the floor. Her grandma comforted her and told her it was ok because the memory would always be there. She now had a bottle of perfume that gives off a certain oud, that reminds her of her grandma and that memory long ago.

Theres many intresting word choices in this piece that helped paint an image. One good use of word choice i liked that they used was indulging. I thought it brought out a certain aspect of liking too in the piece. A good use of syntax i was facentaed in was this piece “The family, consisting of the father, the mother and the two girls, Nur and Zeinab, joined the grandmother, Mariam, around the dinner table.” I thought that it was a good use of names in a way that dosent seem to busy and still paints a picture of the family at the dinner table.

The main idea behind the story i believe was although the airloom was broken the memory was not. Now she has a new memory attached to a scent of her grandmothers. I liked how different this stories characters where. There names where unique to there culture, and you can even see in the food they ate, how it is different from here.



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