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The article covers the life of more than half the population of Mongolia, struggling to survive in the capital. Mainly talks about the life of Ms. Dashnyam’s life and her life surviving in a landfill. As a majority of the population of Mongolia living in the capital it talks about the struggles the people face such as: raging pollution, worsening sewage, and also the scarcity of housing.

The broad problem is the issue of the people who are just barely surviving and holding onto what they have left. Since the city Ulan Bator advertises higher paying jobs that’s one of the main reasons that half the population of Mongolia is living in the capital. This big group of people have lead to the struggles I mentioned earlier.

It’s really depressing to learn about something so grave and significant that I didn’t know until now. This struggle has hit about half of the people living there and goes to show how long these problems have been neglected. Ever since the drop in mining things have gone wrong exponentially worse since that’s what the country relied on. It’s surprising to me that not a lot of people either know about these problems in Mongolia or choose not to talk about it, but now’s the time.

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  1. You found an article that really helped you zero in on issues facing Mongolia. You also pulled from it some good information, although sad. Thanks for your work here!

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