post_2: steelheart

           Back when we were young, dumb, and eighteen I thought it was love, a love enough to move past those who have abused their power over me growing up and a love to be more than enough for me. It took one night to know love isn’t enough. I remember that night like no other. It was late and I was coming over to your house to drop off your jacket you left in my car so long ago. A whole 13 weeks at MCRD in California and all that time longing. During the Crucible all that pushed me through was your laugh and that smile. I never told you about graduation so I could surprise you back at home. 

           I drove up by your driveway and turned off my lights. The chilly air rustled the leaves in your yard and I still remember the crunch under my steady footsteps.

    I walked up to your doorway and left my fist hanging in the air as I heard a yell. I knocked on the door, hard, five times. Five times until you opened the door and pure dread crossed your face.

    “What are you doing here?” you asked.


    I held up your shimmering jacket.


    “Oh..” you mumbled, “Thanks.”


    I handed you the jacket meeting your eyes. You took it out of my hands quick and slowly closed the door.

    “Hurry Rosa! You’re missing the best part,” a maculine voice yelled.

    You looked up at me in surprise and tried shutting the door but I put my hand up and pushed it back.

    “What’s going on Rosa,” I asked sternly.

    You backed away and I walked in. A man with only black joggers on lounged on the couch confusion on his face. I turned my head to the screen but I didn’t have to look, the low voice of Rick Baine was unmistakable and I stared at the black and white movie. Reserved for only our two souls but now losing priority to someone I had no intention of knowing. 

    “Was that night a joke to you,” I asked staring at the ground.

    “I-I’m sorry baby.”

    “Wait, what?!” the man intervened.

    I shook my head laughing. 

    “Damn, I’m a fool for loving you,” I said, “Thinking this can be fixed with a baby or sorry’s. You’re family, Rosa. You’re it.”

            I looked up at her then and my eyes watered. 

           “You’re my life.”

    I ran out the house before I choked on my words and dove into the car with your screams an echo.

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