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In the book, Everyday, there is one main issue that is brought up throughout the book and that’s who we love, why we love and what boundaries can love cross or can’t. Besides this it also confronts the issue on social injustice towards the LGBTQ community. The main character, A, gives their view on it with going to a pride parade.

The start of the LGBTQ civil rights movement is credited to the Stonewall Riots which occurred during 1969. It started at a gay bar in New York when police officers started a riot. These snowballed into the commemoration of this event with the date of the annual pride parades. ACLU is a union that helps defend this community from discrimination.

In the book the author makes aware of the cause from the point of view of someone who is dealing with discrimination. Not only that but the chapter didn’t really focus too much on the cause but felt real and not everyday but something common. It stepped aware from the alien point of view and more of the realness that should be percepted whenever talking about it.

I love that the big issues we see today that are in the book, even though they’re controversial, aren’t dealt with in a gentle way because that’s not the way it’s happening and experienced. I love books that challenge the way we see things and talk about contemporary issues which I haven’t come across too often. The one’s I’ve read are fortunately equally as honest and blunt almost.


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