Blog Post #5

In the video I think the poetry books look interesting like “Faithful and Virtuous Night.” I might check it out and give it to my bro because he’s into poetry. I have never received a book as a gift so I don’t know. And I’m picky so I don’t think I would like to get them, like that’s a hard situation when you don’t like it. But for reading in general during Christmastime I love to read on the days before Christmas because it’s cozy and warm.

I just started the second book of my series and I love it. I would give the series to someone who likes action and adventure but also a little humor.

For thanksgiving we’re going to California to be with the fam. It’s so exciting especially because my cousin is doing her Quincenera that Saturday so it’ll be a party. But for Christmas we’re staying home this year which I’m so here for because last Christmas was in Cali with no snow and it wasn’t the same.