book show and tell (term 2)

Jasper Jones
The novel is about a boy named Charlie and how one day the town’s outcast, Jasper Jones, asks him to keep a secret. Deep in the dark woods Charlie finds out a girl is hung up in the tree and Jasper pleads Charlie to help him figure out who did it. Knowing they can’t run to the police because everyone blames everything on Jasper, the duo set out to find out what happened that dreadful night.
I honestly loved the book and I’m not really into thrillers but this one was amazing. The story unfolds slow but it keeps you on your feet. I loved the intricate parts about the meaning of relationships and their importance to each and every one of us. It even has some humor elements surprisingly and I related to the characters in a way I didn’t think I would.
I’d probably recommend it to everyone, it wasn’t light-hearted but there are connections and emotions you wouldn’t feel otherwise. It does have some swearing though and it has some heavy topics.

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