Lit. Circle #2

One of the songs that Alyssa and Savannah found is Our Destiny by Thomas Bergersen. It’s an instrumental and it’s pretty weird that it fits one of the last chapters extremely well. The changes in tone of the song delivers the scene when all the queens are displaying their talents. There was also a song named Changes by Jeff Bernat that really felt the vibes I was getting from Joseph.
I honestly loved the pace of the novel, especially the ending it kept me on my toes. I think parts of the soundtrack really fit well with the tone of the novel.
I didn’t really like the amount of characters in the beginning of the novel because it took a while to know who they were and what role they played in the novel.

Joseph was pissing us all off and honestly I wish I could smack him or something. First he loves Jules but he also is into Mirabella and he’s not choosing he’s just going back and forth between them. That one really got me but I also thought it was unfair how they cut off Elizabeth’s arm for helping run away even though they didn’t have definitive proof. One of my favorite things of the book was the mystery and the twists.

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