Blog #3: Series

I chose the Legend series because I started it and loved it. I have already read the 1st book, and so I’m sure I’ll finish them quick. I finished the first one in under a week so I’m planning on finishing the 2nd and 3rd book in about two weeks.

book show & tell

The Martian is mainly in the point of view of Mark Watney. He’s stuck on Mars thought to be dead and he chooses to fight for life until the end. With his morbid humor and engineering smarts he takes to overcoming obstacles continues to try to make it self-sustaining.

The book has pretty intense language so for people who don’t like strong language I would avoid it. But anyone looking for a laugh or a little sci-fi it’s the perfect book.

I loved the book and what kept me going was the tone of Mark. Especially coming from one person, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to keep the story going and not put everyone to sleep. His character is so wild and unpredictable so you can’t help but read on to see what he does next. And his humor is my kind of humor so it’s amazing.


post_2: steelheart

           Back when we were young, dumb, and eighteen I thought it was love, a love enough to move past those who have abused their power over me growing up and a love to be more than enough for me. It took one night to know love isn’t enough. I remember that night like no other. It was late and I was coming over to your house to drop off your jacket you left in my car so long ago. A whole 13 weeks at MCRD in California and all that time longing. During the Crucible all that pushed me through was your laugh and that smile. I never told you about graduation so I could surprise you back at home. 

           I drove up by your driveway and turned off my lights. The chilly air rustled the leaves in your yard and I still remember the crunch under my steady footsteps.

    I walked up to your doorway and left my fist hanging in the air as I heard a yell. I knocked on the door, hard, five times. Five times until you opened the door and pure dread crossed your face.

    “What are you doing here?” you asked.


    I held up your shimmering jacket.


    “Oh..” you mumbled, “Thanks.”


    I handed you the jacket meeting your eyes. You took it out of my hands quick and slowly closed the door.

    “Hurry Rosa! You’re missing the best part,” a maculine voice yelled.

    You looked up at me in surprise and tried shutting the door but I put my hand up and pushed it back.

    “What’s going on Rosa,” I asked sternly.

    You backed away and I walked in. A man with only black joggers on lounged on the couch confusion on his face. I turned my head to the screen but I didn’t have to look, the low voice of Rick Baine was unmistakable and I stared at the black and white movie. Reserved for only our two souls but now losing priority to someone I had no intention of knowing. 

    “Was that night a joke to you,” I asked staring at the ground.

    “I-I’m sorry baby.”

    “Wait, what?!” the man intervened.

    I shook my head laughing. 

    “Damn, I’m a fool for loving you,” I said, “Thinking this can be fixed with a baby or sorry’s. You’re family, Rosa. You’re it.”

            I looked up at her then and my eyes watered. 

           “You’re my life.”

    I ran out the house before I choked on my words and dove into the car with your screams an echo.

post 1_reading

Mr. Knight, my 6th grade teacher, initially started my love for reading. He introduced me to books that really caught my interest since I’m picky. Since then I try to make time for reading but it’s difficult especially with school. A few summers ago I got back into it.

My constant struggle with books is the beginning, just because they’re usually boring. Honestly it’s a curse since every book has to start somewhere and the good ones I’ve read have had a rough start. I’m sure most people are like this but when in the middle of a book there’s no homework, food, or sleep outside of the story until I finish. Those moments are my favorite.

Post #4 Legend

How the Camel Lost His Good Looks.

They say that long, long ago the Camel used to be one of the most handsome animals. He had a long fluffy tail and nice and mighty horns.

All the animals in the forest and the steppe were envious of the Camel. Many of them wanted to have the kind of tail that the Camel had, or the kind of horns he had.

The Camel knew of this and said proudly: “You won’t find the kind of tail I have, or the horns, anywhere else in the world!”

But it would have been better if he had not boasted.

Once he came up to the river to have a drink of water and there met a Maral. “I’m invited to a party. Will you lend me your horns, just for a while?” asked the Maral.

The Camel lent him his horns.

Later on that very day the Camel met a Horse.

“I’m invited to a party,” said the Horse, “will you lend me your tail?’

The Camel agreed and stayed on the bank of the river.

The Maral and the Horse ran off. All day long the Camel was drinking water and looking up the road while waiting for them.

But there was no sign either of the Maral, or of the Horse.

The Maral had deceived the Camel and skipped over to the taiga. He stayed there for ever and never went out into the open steppe. He got accustomed to the horns as if they were his.

The Horse never gave back the borrowed tail and when he comes across the Camel, he gets frightened and runs away.

That is how the Camel lost his good looks and sweet temper.

The story goes through the life of a boastful camel. He meets two animals on different occasions and the camel entrusts them to borrow his good looks to be blunt. The story ends with the camel having karma hit him in the face by the animals taking away the features that made him ‘beautiful’ forever. It teaches that arrogance leads to pay back. It makes me see the importance of the camel to Mongolia, but also includes a funny beginning as to why the camel has attitude. The story goes to show the role of karma, because in the ending the camel ends up being humbled.

Post #3 News Article

The article covers the life of more than half the population of Mongolia, struggling to survive in the capital. Mainly talks about the life of Ms. Dashnyam’s life and her life surviving in a landfill. As a majority of the population of Mongolia living in the capital it talks about the struggles the people face such as: raging pollution, worsening sewage, and also the scarcity of housing.

The broad problem is the issue of the people who are just barely surviving and holding onto what they have left. Since the city Ulan Bator advertises higher paying jobs that’s one of the main reasons that half the population of Mongolia is living in the capital. This big group of people have lead to the struggles I mentioned earlier.

It’s really depressing to learn about something so grave and significant that I didn’t know until now. This struggle has hit about half of the people living there and goes to show how long these problems have been neglected. Ever since the drop in mining things have gone wrong exponentially worse since that’s what the country relied on. It’s surprising to me that not a lot of people either know about these problems in Mongolia or choose not to talk about it, but now’s the time.

post #2 backround information

  • 2.8 million people live in Mongolia
  • Mainly speak Mongolian
  • Major religion is Buddhism
  • 1921- They win independence (under Soviet control)
  • 1691- Come under rule of China’s Qing Dynasty
  • Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia which holds 1.5 million people
  • Half of Mongolia lives in the capital
  • The second biggest city is Erdenet and almost 100,000 live there
  • In Erdent there is a statue of two women called Friendship monument which shows a Russian and Mongolian ladies who are united
  • 21.6% of the popluation lives in poverty
  • 40% of the workforce is nomadic
  • The life expectancy is increasing over the years
  • Khaltmaa Battulga is a martial artist star and a business man who is the president of Mongolia

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Post #1: Introduction

I choose Mongolia because I have a curiosity for learning about other countries I’m not really familiar with. I’m hoping to learn about their government and the freedoms of the people. I’m also expecting to learn about their cultures and the way people live there. I’m really curious to find out about the history of the people who live there and their different customs.