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2095 what will the future be like

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You wake up your still alive, your suprised your not dead yet, you walk downstairs and pass where you buried your family you keep walking trying to keep your tears in as you walk you start having flashbacks you remember all videos that you watched on your phone about the world dying getting polluted saving the oceans but you didn’t care. No one cared that’s why every one is dead, dead in your town your state your country you ask yourself  how am i still here, why am i still here as you push threw all the ruins you find some food you eat it and now its time to go find fresh water. you look and look one hour turns to 2, two turns to four and four turns to 8 you lay there as the sun goes down dehydrated feeling the life go out of you then you fall asleep.


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am i’m doing right and what i cant still do better

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This class is fun i do mostly everything right I always turn in my work on time i don’t have any missing assignments in this class i always get everything done when i’m supposed to i pay attention during class i read during reading time all the time i like reading its fun i’m doing way better then i used to last year last year i had a whole bunch of missing assignments all the time never paid attention my teacher was mean and this year hes nice and isn’t just yelling all the time and i’m really happy about that so this year is going way better then last thanks to baby Jesus.








who am i as a writer

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The earliest memory i have is i used to have a lot of mini spongebob books and i remember reading them when i was more little and that’s the earliest memory i have of reading then school in school i had to read 2 books everyday then get a paper signed by my parents and then in older elementary we had to read chapter books i never really liked them because i could never focus or anything but now i love books there so fun to read because to can imagine the book in your head and its just really fun its like a movie you just choose what stuff looks like and that’s where i’m at with reading


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small improvements and 1% gains

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waking up early is a pain but later in life like when your older or just more grown up it might help you when you have a job or when you have to wake up for college or just to wake up early so then you don’t get sleep deprived and then die also running running everyday will make you better faster it might take a couple years or even months but you will improve if you wanna get better at anything you can just practice and stuff you will get better at anything you want  because if you just dont try you wont get anywhere

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