i can use figurative language

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the phone rang as loud as my sister, i was making popcorn so i calmly walked over i said “hello?” someone says back “oh sorry i think i have the wrong number” i carelessly say “its fine bye”. The phone rings again i pick up he says “whats your favorite scary movie?” i throw the phone, i say to myself¬† “this isn’t happening” i run to my room where my phone was charging i pick up my phone when the lights go out, “no service?” i Scream as loud as i can. I fly down the stairs running as fast as i can to the front door,¬† the phone rings i pick it up scared out of my mind he says “don’t hang up on me like that!!!” he comes through the window slamming and breaking it i run he’s right behind me! i run out the back door he’s gone “oh crap what do i do” i run towards the front he pops out and he slices my arm open i try running hes throws me in through the garage window i yell “what do you want from me” as the door opens i stand up he runs toward me i dodge him i grave an old flower vase and throw it at his head the doors are locked!! I scream help! help! not thinking i try going through the doggy door that’s on the garage door i only get through half way i’m stuck he gets up and clicks the button to opens the garage door i screaming louder and louder “why are you doing this” struggling on trying to get unstuck the the wall bites down on me my head squished my guts all over the floor half my body on the floor half of it stuck in the garage door. my blood runs down the driveway drip, drip, drip.


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