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At first we all thought the girl in the story was sad and she was trapped in a room but then someone came up with the idea on how she could just be trapped in her mind and in her thoughts then. Mr green told us to keep coming up with things so people said things like maybe shes trapped in a room then mr green told us to look at the date of when the poem was written and in that time the great depression was going on so he told us about women not having rights and how they are pretty much property so then he hit us all with the idea on how maybe the girl feels trapped because she cant do anything they weren’t allowed to go to college or have a good job or vote so we think its about women’s rights in the great depression.


Struggles women faced: | Women During The Great Depression

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  • Kyra says:

    Yeah I also agree that it’s about women’s rights. The girl in this story clearly wants to see a change and she feels stuck until she realizes she can make that change.

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