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I like the story in a way it’s not the best well personally i think its okay. so i like how she starts out silent in a room upstairs because we didn’t get the story untilĀ  green told us about men owning the land and pretty much owning their wives so when reading the story iĀ  thought she was just happy because maybe he was abusive or something maybe he was always drunk but then my thought’s changed after learning when this story took place then i figured out that she was happy because she was free and even in the story she says FREE FREE FREE. I thought that was cool but reading the end made me kind mad because the doctors think she died of joy which she clearly didn’t it just makes me think that their all full of them selfs.


To start out with a couple things that stood out to me at the beginning is how when her sister went to tell her that her husband died she was like shook and when she went upstairs into her room she just sat their and when she thought about good stuff instead on the bad ones. I also just wanted to know where was the husband? was he working somewhere else was he on a lunch break was he cheating? also if the husband did die which he didn’t i wanted to know what she was gonna do with everything? was she gonna re-marry or maybe be a widow for the rest of her life?




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  • Fatima says:

    the questions you had ahout where the husband was were like good questions. Like who did they mix him up with when they said he died, where was the husband

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