Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence was trying to tell them that if there not care full than there relationship will be rocky. I think he might of said that because they had only met less than 24 hours earlier. I think it’s good advice because advice is advice, and if that’s the only advice their getting from him they might as well take it. I think that they are to much in love to take the advice which might cause a problem in the future. I think that you can tell they are not moderate people from the amount of time from when they met and when they got married. They both rush things and go with what their heart says in the moment. If they want to be moderate then they should take things slower and not try to live life all at once. I think they should live life by the little moments one at a time and see where that takes them.

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I think the big reason that people hate each other for no good reason is because we are human. something that goes along with that is jealousy. Maybe your jealous of someone and so you decide to hate them because you think they are better than you. In that hate you will probably try to bring that person down so you are the better person or are at least on the same level as them. Some things I hate are things people do. It’s not exactly the person but its little things the person will do that bugs me. I think it’s irrational but I don’t really care. I think that if people have an irrational fear then they have to learn to get over it and get used to that person being that way. There will always be people in life that you hate, but that’s just the human nature. Image result for hate

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

Something I think I learned from doing the Humans of PGJR is that some people are easier to talk to in a social situation and some people are easier to talk to in situations when being interviewed. It also depends on how well you know them. I think that people you have talked to and are comfortable around are easier to talk to and will be able to answer questions you have better as well. Talking to people that you don’t know as well can be a little bit awkward because you are both acting nervous, you might be shy, and you don’t have the persons complete trust so you have to think about what you are willing to share with them. No matter who your talking with I bet that they have some situation going on in their life you don’t know about. This situation could be a big part of their life or just something minor. Either way you need to be able to talk to people and be able to see from their side to fully understand where they are coming from.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

Well I don’t really remember what I wanted to accomplish this year so I can’t say if I accomplished it, but I’m pretty sure it was something good. Anyways, I think I did pretty well overall this term. I have a good grade in this class and I’ve been able to get my work done in time. I think something I wan’t to work on for the future is to be able to get more interested in the things we are learning. I feel like I haven’t been into a lot of what we’ve been doing in this class partly because I probably just don’t have the want. There were a few things like To Kill A Mocking Bird that I was interested in. Reading The Help was interesting to. I think that one thing in that book that made it interesting was the way the author switched from the different characters point of views. So overall, for next term I would like to be able to be more “connected” with what we are learning. Image result for to kill a mockingbird

What Makes A Person Great.

A lot of things make people great. If there was only one thing that made people great then there wouldn’t be a lot of great people around because everyone is different. See that’s already something great about people. They are different from other people. I think a good attribute is courage. Courage is something not everybody has, and that’s okay because people have their reasons for being scared. It is good though to stand up to you fears and stand up for your beliefs. the google definition of great is: of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average. Everyone has their faults, weaknesses and downfalls. We also have our strengths, talents, and our inescapable unique personality that we need to make stand out above the faults and weaknesses that we have.

To Kill A Mocking Bird Review.

Young Scout and Jem find a strange, scrawny little boy in their yard who becomes their best friend. He visits only in the summer and has a strange fascination with the Radley house, where it is rumored that one of it’s inhabitants (Boo Radley) is a crazed. who doesn’t like the sun. As the years pass their father, Atticus who is a lawyer is faced with a case that will change the kids lives forever. I think that this book has a great message that people still need to hear today. Something I like about the way it was written is how you can hear the southern accent of the characters in the pages. The author did a great job of wording it in a way that you would think you would hear if you traveled to a small town like Maycome.

The movie I think did a good job on getting the main points across and did a good job sticking to the book. there was those few things that most movies based off books have. Missing characters, cut scenes, characters not appearing when they should be. I personally like to watch movies based off books before i read the book because it messes with my head and i get upset when i read the book and picture the characters one way but when you watch the movie they are totally different and you can’t watch it because the characters are making you confused. to kill a mocking bird though did a good job casting. They cast it in a way that the actors where able to portray the characters and they also weren’t so far off of what people thought they looked like

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The Good Stuff

“It’s not time to worry yet,” Atticus reassured him. One of my first thoughts about this is that not only in this quote but in other parts of the book when Atticus says stuff like this it feels like he know more then he’s letting on. another quote from the book I found that I liked is “Don’t you oh well me, sir,” Miss Maudie replied, recognizing Jem’s fatalistic noises, “you are not old enough to appreciate what I said.” I think this applies to the thought that Atticus is letting on more than we know because maybe he thinks the kids wouldn’t understand if he explained what was going on. But then again Scout and Jem seem like they would be those kids that are able to understand based off of what they’ve been through. Plus scout is already above her grade in things like reading and writing. I think that this applies to everyday life because even when we are having a rough day, the worst part hasn’t come. It might not come for a while, and so for the meantime I think It’s not time to worry yet.Related image

An Authority on Courage – Dipper Pines

Well, uh. I guess i was pretty courageous last summer. It all started when my parents sent me and my sister off to… You know what it’s a long story, I’ll just summarize it for you. Okay, here we go. Me and my sister Mabel went to live with our Grunkle Stan for the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. We met a lot of strange people and did a lot of strange stuff. then Bill came. okay how to describe bill. Small triangular little dude with evil intentions. Pretty much everything you would look for in a little demon trying to take over your realm. Well he totally took over trapped my sister in this weird dream land and It was up to me to save her. I did save her but it took a lot out of me. That dream land almost got to me. So basically courage just is something you have that sparks when you are in a difficult situation. Or that’s adrenaline I could be wrong.

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Real Courage

I looked up the google definition of courage and it says courage is:

  • the ability to do something that frightens one.
  • strength in the face of pain or grief.

These are great definitions but I think that Atticus defined courage spot on. When I read that part it reminded me of atticus’s case. He has already been criticized and know he has everything to lose but he’s persisting and is still pushing forward. I think that everyone in there life could show a little more courage. Everyone has their problems that need to be worked out and without courage and the will to get overcome the challenge like Mrs Dubose they won’t be able to overcome it. by showing courage in the face of pain, grief, death, heartache, and other bad stuff that could happen too you, you will be able to push through easier than you could without courage. Atticus and Mrs Dubose are examples of two fictional people who show courage in what they do and in what they believe in. And that is what I think about atticus’s definition of courage.

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I think that this idea is interesting. If Atticus defends this case then he’ll be showing the town that he’s not afraid to hold his own, but then again a lot of people in the town will become rude and their bad side will come out on Atticus. Atticus is risking a lot here. His kids are getting teased and bullied because he’s defending a negro and Atticus is going through all this knowing that his kids are getting teased because he’s doing something right. But sometimes doing the right thing comes with a price. To pay that price is a decision Atticus had to make. I think that this tells us that atticus isn’t afraid. He has courage and a strong will. He isn’t scared of people thinking bad about him and doesn’t worry when scout tell’s him that Francis said that he’s ruining the family. Honesty there still is a chance for them to win, but it’s not a very good chance. Atticus is a good lawyer and if he works his hardest he could win and things might start to turn out for the better. Or everyone would just hate him even more. That is my thought about Atticus and his persistence.

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