Book Report Character

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I would cast Maia Mitchell play Cinder because her description is Lunar (mixed ethnicity—Asian/Caucasian?, tan skin, even more tan from walking everywhere) brown eyes hair is straight, fine, brunette, just below shoulders; often wears messy ponytails. Harry Shum Jr. would play as Kia, 18 Earthen/Asian eye color is copper-brown hair color is shaggy, straight black hair worn past ears, slicked back for formal occasions build: 5’11”, slender/borderline lanky. I would cast Katie Mcgrath as Queen Levana because in her description is says “Levana Blackburn (name Levana meaning “to rise, risen” in Latin, or “white, moon” in Hebrew) was the main antagonist of the Lunar Chronicles. She was the Lunar Queen and the sister of Channary Blackburn, aunt of Princess Selene, and stepmother of Princess Winter.”  Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Iko. Iko is a droid to Cinder and has a spunky personality.  I would cast James Cromwell as  Dr Earland because his description he is a old man.


Spring Break

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I don’t have any plans for spring break.  I am probably going to sit at home and do nothing because all of my friends are going to California or something out of Utah. What I want to do is go to California or somewhere other than Utah.  I am going to hang out with my family and friends and hopefully go to Lowes Extreme Air Sports because I am an ex gymnast and I love to tumble.  I want to get outside and do something other than being on our phones because it is annoying when you invite someone over and they are always on their phone.  I am going to be spending a lot of time with my brothers because I don’t have any sisters.  I wish that I had something more exciting to say but I have six brothers and when we go on vacation it becomes expensive.  I have one brother and he is like my best friend so we will probably be spending a lot of time together.

Term 4

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My book is “Cinder” and I chose it because my friend read it and she loved it and suggested it to me.  I had just read “The Selection” series and loved it so she said that if I loved that then this would be my favorite series.  I am planning to read the whole series.

The grade level for my book is 10-12 and and reading level is 790L. I know this because it is in Amazon. The age if my main character is 16 and her name is Cinder, this is apart of the Lunar Chronicles.

Marissa Meyer’s is know for the Lunar Chronicles and she has written about 11 books. She has twin children which she adopted and she got married in 2011, two months before she released “Cinder”.  There are 6 books in the Lunar Chronicles.

Call to Adventure

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Everyday, I wake up put on my makeup, do my hair and get dressed and ready for school.  I know its bad but I rarely eat breakfast because I don’t get up in time. I go to school and go to all of my classes and then I come home, eat, read or hang out with friends then I go to bed, wake up and do it all over again.

One day I woke up ready to do my things as I usually do the same boring routine, but then my parents told me that we were going to move to England for my dad to go to school.  I was really excited to be going to the place where my dad had grown up.  I would be able to live in the culture spend time with my cousins and family over there.

Then one day I thought do I really want to go I would have to leave my whole life behind and when I would come back nothing would be the same.  I knew that I would be moving away from my best friend, I would be missing things in school that I didn’t want to miss, I might have to go to school over there and make new friends and since the culture is so different I thought that it might be hard to.

A couple month later I found myself sitting on the plane, a long plane ride a matter of fact, it took 14 hours to get there.  When I got there I realized how happy I was to be there and that I got to see this beautiful country and I ended up going to school and I made great friends who I still talk to know.  My parent and grandparents helped me to brush off any mean things that people might say And I am very grateful for them in my like and that they have shown me to always be kind.

Personal Quest Prompts

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The first prompt is what has made me feel more adult.  It might sound really stupid but honestly making decisions for myself and being able to do things more freely.  Also being able to buy things for myself and not saying I love spending money but having the choice to get what I want when I want it and not having to wait for my mom to buy it.  I love having to choice to choose for myself because sometimes you make the wrong decisions but you get to learn from them and grow instead of having your mom choose every little spec of a decisions for you.

My second prompt is a time I have felt I needed to make a change in my life.  I feel that constantly and I try to change almost immediately not because I have felt this life changing spiritual calling to turn my life around but that I need to do something with my life like getting a job or doing something more productive than sitting on my bed and watching my phone.  Sometimes it’s because I need to be nicer so I always try to do what I feel is the best for me.

Christmas break

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Over the Christmas break I hung out with my family a lot.  On Christmas eve we went over to my uncles house and played games had pizza.  When it gets to around 5-6 we gather around in a room and we play the silly gift game and laugh, then we do a family gift exchange and I got my cousins girlfriend and she loves to sew, so I got her a pair of Gingher scissors. My brother  had me so he got me a pair of Oxford shoes and a pair of ankle boots.  On Christmas we get up and open presents I got a hair mannequin, a little gardening kit, Aristocats, a black charcoal face mask and ballroom shoes.  Then we do a little family gift exchange I got from my mom was Austenland the movie and what I gave to my brother was an RSL soccer ball.  Then we went to go see Jumanji and Star Wars.  For the rest of the week I just hung out with my friends.  Then on New Years Eve I went up to my friends cabin and went and played in the snow and played lots of cards games, pool and ping pong.

The book that I have chosen to read during 3rd term is The Beginning of Everything.     I chose this book because a few friends have recommended the book to me and said they really liked the book.  The author of the book is Robyn Schneider  .

My goal for this year is to read more books and to exersize everyday.


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My book is is a mix of Quest, Adventure and Pursuit.  They have to go on missions so that they can stop the bad guys from destroying the earth.  It also is a man vs man/man vs society/man vs himself.  I think this because when he is in training or on a mission he feels that maybe he isn’t good enough or that he is going to fail or wimp out or that he needs to be better that his friends.

The main conflict in my book is the training and that he needs to pass it to be able to go on missions and for 100 days he is stuck doing all of these trials and then they get dropped off in the dessert and have deadlines they have to meet otherwise they get kicked out.  The smaller conflicts in my book are the missions and he has to live with hippies to figure out who is working with a company to destroy other companies.

I do like how it goes from a boy who is a spoiled to a agent for CHERUB.  I also like how he is super caring about his little sister and how he as changed form in the front of the book.  I think this book has a very good lesson in it.


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The Main character (more important and moves the plot) in my book The Recruit is James and he is 12 years old his mom passed away and he was put in a foster home but then recruited to CHERUB another is Kerry and she is James’ partner while he is in training.  The minor (still important but not as big) character is Kyle he was under cover at the foster home to see if James was a good match for CHERUB Another sidekick or minor character.

The most Major character is James.  He is trying to change help make the world a better a place so he is like a spy.  This goes along with Protagonist and that person in the book is the person that wants change.  The static/flat these characters don’t change they are stereotypes.  Dynamic/round mix of good and bad characteristics.

The antagonist (antagonist against change not necessarily the bad guy) in my book are the bad guys and the people they try and stop from doing bad things.  I haven’t gotten to the point where they have brought up a nemesis (an ultimate or undefeatable foe) but there might not even be one.  The sidekick is the person we want to be static we want then to be dependable.

Parent Teacher Conference

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Dear Mom and Dad,

I am reading The Recruit From the CHERUB series.  I am on page 60 and to get it done and on time.  I need to be reading 11 pages a day. Declaring my book .  During the 20 minutes of in-class silent reading time, I read The Recruit.  Out of those 20 minutes, I read about 100% of the time.  I read about 10 pages in 20 minutes.

During class, I am often helpful to those around me, I am on task all time, I try and work above and beyond, I am willing to take risks for learning.  I always try to get my stuff turned in on time or i get it turned in early.  In class I am quiet and respectful to those around me and to the teacher.

I have all A’s and I am trying my hardest to get nothing lower than a A-.


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The brief definition of setting is the time and place the piece of literature is set in.  It can also include social statuses, weather, historical period, and details about immediate surroundings.  The set can also be real, made up or a combination of both.  They can be descriptive, specific it just really depends what the author wants you to imagine.

The setting is very important because without it the characters would be lost you would be lost.  Setting are in everything plays, book even poems.  “In many narrative examples the setting can act almost as a nonhuman character, affecting the characters in many different large and small ways.”  The way they put this was very interesting but you understand where they get it from.

There are three crucial elements to fiction: plotting, characters and place/setting.  When you are creating characters you cant really do anything with them unless you have a setting because otherwise it is pointless.  the setting is so very important even though it is a mere backdrop.  “Broadly defined, setting is the location of the plot, including the region, geography, climate, neighborhood, buildings, and interiors.”  These are the thing you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of the setting.

Locale: city, school, state ect., Time of year: season, month, week, day, Time of day, Elapsed time, Mood and Atmosphere: weather, temperature, lighting, Climate: latitude, altitude, Geography, Man-made geography, Eras of historical importance, Social/political/cultural environment, Population and Ancestral influences.  These are all important to the setting.  You want to get most of these in the setting so that as if you were almost in the book.

In my book the setting is in an foster home and he describes how there is blue tack all over the wall from past foster kids.


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