Everyday, I wake up put on my makeup, do my hair and get dressed and ready for school.  I know its bad but I rarely eat breakfast because I don’t get up in time. I go to school and go to all of my classes and then I come home, eat, read or hang out with friends then I go to bed, wake up and do it all over again.

One day I woke up ready to do my things as I usually do the same boring routine, but then my parents told me that we were going to move to England for my dad to go to school.  I was really excited to be going to the place where my dad had grown up.  I would be able to live in the culture spend time with my cousins and family over there.

Then one day I thought do I really want to go I would have to leave my whole life behind and when I would come back nothing would be the same.  I knew that I would be moving away from my best friend, I would be missing things in school that I didn’t want to miss, I might have to go to school over there and make new friends and since the culture is so different I thought that it might be hard to.

A couple month later I found myself sitting on the plane, a long plane ride a matter of fact, it took 14 hours to get there.  When I got there I realized how happy I was to be there and that I got to see this beautiful country and I ended up going to school and I made great friends who I still talk to know.  My parent and grandparents helped me to brush off any mean things that people might say And I am very grateful for them in my like and that they have shown me to always be kind.

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