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As of 2016, the population of japan is 126.8 million and still climbing in numbers drastically. The main place where the population lives is in Tokyo-Yokohama. 35 million residents are currently living in Tokyo. Tokyo is also the capitol of the country.  Another big city in Japan is Sakura. About 10 million live here. This doesn’t include the travelers coming in and out. Most widely spoken language spoken in Japan is Japanese. More than half of the country is speaking Japanese. In 2014, the energy used in Japan was 7,819.72 kWh. Most energy being used up is in household items. Second most used energy is power plants. More than half the population doesn’t pursue a religion. But the most practice religion there is Shinto. On Aug 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped the atomic bombed on Hiroshima. This was a huge event that happened in Japan.  I did read however that Japan has one of the most advanced technology in education in the world.

Blog Post #3

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In japan they’re 2 countries that were claimed by different governments. People of the town Rauso are protesting yelling “islands, come back”. Many of meetings were held about the situation and every meeting had people protesting outside. The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken action on this event. So the issue is about people want islands back that have properties on them. The state as of now is unrest. This isn’t really a global event more so a country problem. However, if combat or attack emerges then this could cause some global help. People of they’re country should know more about this problem. But if force comes in then other people should know.

Post #1: Introduction

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The country I selected was Japan. I selected this country because it’s one of the few places I want to go visit in my life. I expect to learn how the life style is. The history in some parts of the country. How cities became cities. I want to know what they eat and how they dress.

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