I’m a Big Kid Now!

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I had a lot of fun this school year! At the beginning of the school year, I was kind of shy and now I am comfortable being myself and I feel like I can talk to anyone. I have definitely grown this year as a student and as a person. As a student, I worked really hard, and when something was due, I would make sure to get it in on time. As a person I grew to be more outgoing and I made a lot more friends. I am going to continue to work on the 50 book challenge and read 50 books eventually. I need and want to read more, because it helps me a lot during school, and helps me to understand things more. I also want to get Academic All State for volleyball which means that you get a 4.0 every year until you are a senior. I am different than I was in August because I worked really hard this year to get straight A’s and I accomplished that. I am also more outgoing and talk to more people than I would have in August.

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Everyone has their big and little secrets. Some of them are just fun and games, but some can be really dangerous. For example, the way you feel can sometimes be dangerous. Not the way you feel about your little crush, but the way you feel about yourself and a person you actually really love. I think that some people are really embarrassed to talk about their problems, and that is why we don’t do it as much. If you talk to people about a serious problem, then you can get help and move on. But if you just let it bubble inside of you and make you feel awful, then you will never move on and that can be really dangerous sometimes. Secrets are sometimes funny, but other times you have to talk to someone.


Love Moderately

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In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence tells the couple to “love moderately”. I think that this means that you can’t expect marriage to be rainbows and cupcakes and act like everything is your happily ever after. It’s not. There are going to be fights, arguments, money trouble and other more. Friar Lawrence is telling them that you can’t melt down when there are troubles and you can’t expect everything to be perfect. Take the middle road and work through things and maintaining steady emotions through the hard times. You have to be there for your partner and make sure that you work through things and not melt down. Being married is hard, but “love moderately”.



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Why do people hate each other? Sometimes it’s for a good reason and sometimes it’s for something random and not for a good reason. I think that people are capable of hating each other so much because they don’t like something that that person did. It could be as little as not inviting someone to your party, or something to do with death or marriage. Maybe people hate each other for a little reason because they see it as a bigger problem than the other person and they make it so much bigger than it needs to be. Maybe people just like to cause drama and that is their little way of getting attention or something. I really don’t know why people could hate each other so much over a stupid little reason, but I would see it differently if it had to do with something like death, marriage, or divorce. And sometimes it is something you don’t understand. You can’t hate someone or something if you don’t understand it. People would really have to make a big deal of something if they make someone hate them, but you need to let go of whatever is bothering you and just forgive that person. Hatred isn’t a good thing and never will be.

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Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

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One thing I know for sure about Shakespeare is that we have the same birthday…April 23! I also know that “10 Things I Hate About You” is based off of one of his plays! He wrote a bunch of deep and meaningful plays too like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Mid summers Nights dream, etc. I really don’t know anything about Shakespeare except that you have to really break down what he is trying to say because it is really confusing. I don’t have any experiences reading Shakespeare, but I think it will be cool because then I can say that I have read one of his plays. I think that I will become a better reader and thinker by reading one of his plays. They are kind of confusing (that’s what I’ve heard) so if I really learn how to comprehend and think about it, I will get a little bit better as a reader.

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Good Stuff From To Kill a Mockingbird

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So far in To Kill a Mockingbird, I have really liked it. This is one of the many passages that I think is really powerful and meaningful. “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep.” I think that what this passage is saying is that some people are just cold and evil and will do what they need to do to win. Many older people/adults don’t really care what horrible things are going on in the world, but when children know what is happening and what evil is going down in the world they get scared and sad-when adults don’t really care, they think it is just the “usual” that is happening. This quote sounds to me like that children are the only pure and good people in the world. But I guess that everyone was a child once.

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This term I am reading Cress by Marissa Meyer. I think that so far this book is a really good book. In my book, the chapters alternate characters and where they are at. Right now I am reading about Captain Thorne and Cress and they are stuck in the desert because Cress’s satellite got thrown off orbit because of Mistress Sybil and they started plummeting to Earth and (what are the odds) they land in a desert that has so many sand dunes. They have recently been rescued by some traders. Cinder, Wolf and Jacin are in Africa because they narrowley escaped Mistress Sybil who works for the evil Queen Levana. Scarlet is the only one who got captured. She is going to Luna because she has been “glamoured”. My setting is all around the world and on the moon, so I guess you could say that my setting is all over Earth because they are literally everywhere.

My book is set in the future. I know this because no one can travel from Earth into space and onto the moon 24/7. That hasn’t been done for a very long time. There are also people living on the moon which is humanely impossible from what we know in the present time right now.

The most major event that happened in my book is that Cress asked for them to come and rescue her from her satellite that orbits the earth. Mistress Sybil finds out about this “rescue and captures Scarlet, and Carswell Thorne and Cress plummet to Earth because Sybil did something to the satellite, and Cinder, Wolf, and the Lunar guard Jacin narrowly escape. I think that this is the most major event that has happened so far because they all got separated and now they all have to find each other again. The setting of where my main character Cress is right now is the desert. She has learned to be tougher and has now experienced the worst of the worst of the Earth. She hasn’t even been to Earth before and she happened to land in the desert. I think that she will be able to handle the Earth really well, now that she has experienced the worst of the worst.

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Casting My Characters

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The actor that I would pick to play Cress is Amanda Seyfried at age 20. She looks very young and she probably looks even younger when she’s 18. I think that she will look 18 even when she is 20. In the book Cress it says, “Did you see it?It was like a cross between a magpie nest and ball of yarn after it’s been mauled by a cheetah.” I also picked her because she has really long blonde hair, and in the book the main character has blonde hair.  Image result for amanda seyfried

The actor that I would pick to play Carswell Thorne is Douglas Booth. Thorne has blue eyes and blonde hair and is supposed to be irresistible.He is the guide in the movie who leads Cress to safety through the desert.   “Cress?”
“It’s beautiful out there.”
A hesitation, before, “Could you be more specific?”
“The sky is gorgeous, intense blue color.” She pressed her fingers to the glass and traced the wavy hills on the horizon.
“Oh, good. You’ve really narrowed it down for me.”
“I’m sorry, it’s just…” She tried to stamp down the rush of emotion. “I think we’re in a desert.”

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The actor that I would pick to play Queen Levana is Megan Fox. She looks almost exactly how I pictured her and she looks how the book describes her. She has very long brown hair and a very fierce and intimidating face. In the book it says, “Levana’s face was fiercely beautiful. Breathtaking in her viciousness.” I think that Megan Fox fits this description perfectly and she would do a great job playing Queen Levana.

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The actor that I chose to play Cinder is Chloe Bennet. She has long brown hair and brown eyes and is really tan. She is basically the definition of Cinder. In the book it says,

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Term 4 Blog Post

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This term I chose to read Cress by Marissa Meyer. All of these books are based on fairy tales (which makes them a fractured fairy tale) and I really like those types of books. I also chose it because I have read the first 2 books which are Cinder and Scarlet. Cress is the third book to these chronicles and at the end of the books I have read so far, it leaves it on a cliffhanger, so I needed to read the next book, and I plan to read the entire series.

The reading level of my book is grades 7th through 9th grade. I am in 8th grade so that is perfect. On amazon is says the grade level is 7th through 9th and I’m pretty sure that that is correct. The age of my main character is 17 or 18 and her name is Cress, short for Crescent. I don’t think that kids younger than 6th grade are going to like this book because it has a lot of romance and I don’t think that little kids would appreciate that.

Cress has gotten 3 awards. Here they are.

           2014 Publishers Weekly — Starred Review (*)
            2014 RT Book Reviews — Top Pick (*)
            2015 Audies — Teen (Finalist)

This book hasn’t been made into a movie, but I really want it too. I think that it has enough details and things that happen to make it into a movie. I think that the whole series should be made into a movie. I don’t think that this book is well known in Utah because the author does not live here. I think that it would be well known more from where she wrote it and where she is from.

What I already know about my character is that she has been stuck on a satellite her whole entire life and is only visited by a thaumaturge about once a month just to check that she’s not dead. I also know that she has extremely long hair and is only a little over 5 feet tall. Another little detail I know about Cress is that she only has one dress and has been wearing it since she was 13 years old. If I already started my book report and put a message in a bottle, something that might be in there would be the life story of cress and what she does all day on the boring satellite stuck on a screen all day long.


My self evaluation

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Today I took the reading index test and I think that I did really well. I got a 1235 and that is above 11th grade reading level. Some of the questions were really hard to answer, but overall I think I handled it pretty well. The test was kind of hard for me because on many of the questions, there were big words that I had no idea what they meant, so I guessed on a few of them. Based on my reading today, I think that I could do better at trying to understand things, and not just guessing.

For term 3 I read a book called Scarlet. It was a great book! I loved how the book changed from different points of view every chapter. At the end of every chapter, it left it on a cliff hanger, so you couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. I couldn’t put it down. I liked that the book report was not just an essay that you have to write about your book. I’ve always liked that the teacher makes the book report something clever. I wish that I had read the directions more carefully and paid attention to what I didn’t do correctly on the book report, like not putting a title on the book report and not doing the stars on the rating for the book. I don’t think that I would’ve changed anything in the “perfect world”.

For term 4, I decided to read the third book to Scarlet- Cress. All of the Lunar Chronicles books’ are based off a fairy tale which makes them a fractured fairy tale. Cress is based off of the fairy tale Rapunzel. I didn’t decide to read this book because of the book report, I decided to read it because of the book I previously read-Scarlet.

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