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October 2017

Symbolism of Dead Girls Don’t Lie

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The important objects in my story are the dead girls’ necklace, her journal and her phone. Jaycee’s boyfriend kept the dead girls’ (Rachel) phone in the wall. The necklace and her journal are found in Jaycee’s and Rachel’s secret little hideout. They are very useful and are hleping Jaycee solve the clues to find out who did this horrible crime. The dangerous gang does not want her to find that because they are protecting a person and do not want Jaycee to find out who it is. Jaycee does end up finding out who kills Rachel and it extremely upset about it.

The cover of my book is a girl-dead-lying down on a forest floor near the old house. The cover of this book tells me that it is a mystery (mostly murder mystery) because you have to figure out what happened to the girl on the cover which catergorizes it as a murder mysery book. It also tells me that it is mostly for girls and older teens. I can tell because the font is a girly font and it is a girl that is dead. This all tells me that it is for girls and it is a murder mystery. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover because one of the best books I’ve read has a really stupid cover and the back of the book doesn’t describe the book very well.

The theme of my story is that you can’t judge a person by the way they look-good or bad- because they might not be very trustworthy. Or they could be a bad person or a really good person, but you can’t judge them by the way they look. Also another theme is that always listen to your friend or else something really bad could happen. You should always listen to your friends and  be that person who always helps them or else something really bad could happen. And in this story, that’s what happens to Jaycee.


Plot Structure of Dead Girls Don’t Lie

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Every book has a plot structure. Plot structure is the basic pattern that the book is following. The definition of plot is a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story or the main part of a story. Plot describes the story. In my book Dead Girls Don’t Lie, the plot structure of my book (the pattern it is following) is mystery and escape. Jaycee lives in a town that is now categorized as dangerous. Jaycee (the main character) is escaping and trying not to get caught by the mysterious and extremely dangerous gang in her little town.

There are also 6 types of conflicts. They are person vs. person, person vs. nature, person vs. supernatural, person vs. technology, person vs. self, and person vs. society. There can be all or some conflicts in a story. In some stories, there are all of the 6 conflicts. In my book-Dead Girls Don’t Lie– there is 1 type of conflict and that is man vs. society. She is trying to survive from the gangs in her society. The police aren’t even trying to capture this gang, which was really confusing to me. The person who kills Jaycee’s best friend, his brother is the sheriff of her town. Since society is basically her town, she is trying to survive from it. It is getting harder and harder to survive though.

My favorite part of my book is when Jaycee figures out who kills her best friend. I couldn’t stop reading at that part, but then it gets kind of crazy and I think it would give teens with suicidal thoughts, a bad idea. It is a really interesting part and I couldn’t stop reading. This was a great book aside all the romance which was kind of innapropriate for young teens. I thought this was a pretty good book and I would reccomend it only to girls-I think boys would hate it.


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