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February 2018

My call to adventure

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I live an ordinary life. Just like anyone and everyone else, I go to school mondays through fridays and have a busy or a relaxing weekend. Every Sunday, I go to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and have dinner there. I spend a lot of my time doing sports (volleyball, basketball and golf) or hanging out with friends. Everyone who lives around here does this kind of stuff, hanging out with friends and doing sports and stuff.

My call to adventure is to try something new this summer and I think that something is helping animals get away from being abused. A few days ago and many times before that, I saw videos of people abusing animals, mainly dogs. It made me sick to my stomach when I saw it. I have always wanted to be a person who takes care of animals and impacts their life. Not a vet, but someone who is like an animal rescuer. So many animals are abused and that just makes me super sad and honestly it makes me sick.

Refusal of the Call: “I’m going to sometimes watch animals die…”      “The people who house these abused animals could put me in danger as well as the animal…”      “I might not help the animal to the best of my ability…”    “Should I just leave this to someone else?”   I try my best to drown out these negative thoughts, and they are going away pretty fast. I really want to help abused animals.

My mentor is my mom and my dad. They support me all the way through this and give me really helpful advice. They also tell me what I should and shoudln’t do and what I can and can’t do. They know how much I really want to help out these animals and they are very supportive of that.

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