Why do people hate each other? Sometimes it’s for a good reason and sometimes it’s for something random and not for a good reason. I think that people are capable of hating each other so much because they don’t like something that that person did. It could be as little as not inviting someone to your party, or something to do with death or marriage. Maybe people hate each other for a little reason because they see it as a bigger problem than the other person and they make it so much bigger than it needs to be. Maybe people just like to cause drama and that is their little way of getting attention or something. I really don’t know why people could hate each other so much over a stupid little reason, but I would see it differently if it had to do with something like death, marriage, or divorce. And sometimes it is something you don’t understand. You can’t hate someone or something if you don’t understand it. People would really have to make a big deal of something if they make someone hate them, but you need to let go of whatever is bothering you and just forgive that person. Hatred isn’t a good thing and never will be.

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