Lit. Circle #2 Blog Post

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Image result for an ember in the ashes For my groups sound track we chose most of the songs to fit the mood for scenes in An Ember In The Ashes. Some of my favorite songs in the soundtrack was Lets Get It On by Marvin Gaye, Blackbird for Izzi’s character, and Numb by Linkin Park for Elias’ character. An Ember In The Ashes is by far, hands down, the best book I’ve ever read. I loved every single thing about it and I have no complaints other than the fact that it took me a good eight chapters to get into it. My favorite part, although it’s cliche of me, is when Elias and Laia finally kissed because the book had been building up to it the whole time and it was like an elastic band breaking after being stretched many feet when it happened. I loved the writing style of this book and all the characters were written so well and so thought out in my opinion. I have recommended this book to so many people already and actually asked for the next two in the series for Christmas before I was even done with book one. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Book Show and Tell #2

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For my book show and tell I read Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard and it is the third book to the Red Queen series. The story is about a girl named Mare Borrow who’s world is divided by blood; people with silver blood are born with supernatural abilities and the others with red blood are the slaves to those with silver. One day Mare finds out she has powers even though she is a red and to cover it up the King gives her a false identity and betroths her to his youngest son Maven. In the third book Mare falls in love with one brother and runs from the other. I don’t want to spoil anything so i’ll leave the details out. While Mare tries to balance escape, the Scarlet Guard and her Newbloods she’s on the verge of becoming what she hates.

I would recommend this book and series to older audiences because it is a bit more mature and I don’t see younger children enjoying it. I would rate this book PG 13 and give it a 4/5 stars because I struggle to love it as much as the first two books.

Blog Post #4: Connecter

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1.) The water represents Mirabella, the Elemental Queens’ powers. 2.) The Food represents the poisoned goods that Katherine, the Poisoner Queen has to eat. 3.) The Tree represents Arisnoe, the Naturalist Queen and where she comes from. I feel that the conflict is coming together really well. When the book first started the sisters were destined to kill each other but now one is missing and the another refuses to kill that which she loves. It’s interesting to see their fates colliding and how their destinies are changing. I have no idea if any will die or not. (All of these pictures were my own)

Blog #3

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For my final series project I am reading the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. I’ve already read the first two of the four books and am currently in the middle of the third one. I am excited to finish this series because it is so good. This series is by far the best one I’ve ever read and I’ll probably finish the whole thing over Fall Break.Image result for the red queen series

Book Show and Tell

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Image result for the glass swordThe Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the second book to the Red Queen series. In this book the main character, Mare Borrow, continues her escape from the now King Maven along with The Scarlet Guard and Cal, the banished Prince. On Mares conquest to find the Newbloods before Maven does she struggles with becoming the very thing she’s fighting against. With heartbreaking deaths and a complicated romance developing Mare comes to a life-altering ultimatum and finds herself back into King Mavens evil confines. The book ends with Mavens threatening words to destroy Mare while her friends and family watch helplessly through a TV screen.

I would recommend this book to anyone who obviously liked the first one and is a mature reader. It’s romantic, it has action, and the universe is so well made. There were a few adult jokes here and there so young readers should use discretion but all in all it’s an amazing series that I would tell anyone and everyone to read.


Steelhearts Backstory

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Image result for Steelheart fan art Evil isn’t born, it’s made. I used to think that one day good would rise above all the bad, that the world could have peace, that people would be happy; I was wrong. Farah, my little sister, was the most important person in my life; I had been with her ever since she was born. She was always brave, always stood up for what was right, especially when the epics started emerging from the shadows. I couldn’t find a way to tell her that I had become one of the epics, I wasn’t sure how she would take it. She believed in heroes, that with every villain there will always be someone to stand up for what was right. I wish so desperately that she had been right.

Keeping secrets from Farah was a new and unwanted experience, but it was the best thing I could do for her; who knows what people would do to her if they knew she was my sister. Leading a double life in the shadows, sticking up for the little guys who had run into bad people had become too much of a habit. Suddenly it wasn’t enough for me anymore, I wanted more. I started to take on even bigger threats, and with it I made a name for myself, Steelheart.

“Did you hear what Steelheart did today at the bank?” Farah said with her brightest smile, bursting through my apartment door. “I can’t believe he took out an epic with super speed in less than ten minutes, it’s insane!” She kept rambling on and on about Steelheart, me, and I just laughed at her. “Why are you laughing at me? This is great news, this guy is going to the dog house where he can’t hurt anyone ever again. The city just got a little safer today, that’s something I think should be celebrated. Don’t you?” I laughed again, no one believed in the world more than she did. Farah could see the good in everyone, she helped selflessly. Superpowers or not, she will always be a bigger hero than I ever could.

After hours of talking and gushing about the heroes in the world Farah and I said our goodbyes, she had to wake up early to help out at the children’s hospital. As I hugged my sister goodbye I never would have imagined that it would be the last time I felt her arms around me, seen her beautifully contagious smile, or the glow in her eyes. Looking back now I know that I should have convinced her to stay, or at the least walked her home, but I didn’t know what would happen, and so I let her go.

Not even ten minutes after Farah left I got a call, it was her. When I answered the phone my face drained of all color, my body turned rigid, and my blood ran cold; it was Streak, the epic that I had fought at the bank today, somehow he escaped. I heard the creeps heavy breathing through the phone and I grew increasingly angry and scared all at once.

“You think you can get rid of me that easy eh, Steel?” he seethed, “I have your precious sister with me, I must say, she’s beautiful, her head would look breathtaking mounted on my wall.” Streak laughed tauntingly, he was egging me on.

“If you so much as touch one hair on her head Streak, I will make you wish that you had stayed in your cell.” I needed to remain calm, if I was going to help my sister, the only family that I had left, I needed to be smart. I couldn’t lose my nerve now, not when so much is at stake.

“Meet me in her apartment in five minutes or your sisters head will no longer be attached to her body.” I said nothing, I only hung up and threw my phone at the nearest wall as hard as I could, causing it to shatter into pieces. Without thought I took off out of the window, flying to Farah’s apartment at lighting speed. When I arrived I found my sister tied to a chair in her living room, Streak was nowhere to be seen. I entered the apartment as stealthily as I knew how, sneaking my way to my sister. I was only a foot away when Streak appeared, Farah now across the room trapped in his arms.

“Let her go.” I tried to be as calm as possible, but seeing my sisters tear streaked face and utter terror in her eyes was making it nearly impossible not to lose my mind. I could see how confused she was, how she suddenly knew my secret, how hurt she was that I had kept something like this from her, but now was not the time to confront her feelings, now was the time to get her out of there. “Please just let her go,” my voice cracked and my eyes watered, but I refused to let the tears fall. “I’ll give you anything you want.” I pleaded.

“There’s nothing you could give me, Steelheart.” Streak laughed bitterly. “You’ve destroyed my entire life, and now I’m going to destroy yours.” My face grew red, I tried to think of some way to get my sister out of this but there was no clear shot to Streak without hurting her, not to mention I’m not in complete control of my powers yet, I could miss and hurt Farah on accident. I was broken from my thoughts when I heard Farah’s broken voice.

“Please let me go, please.” Her voice cracked as she broke down into tears.

“Farah I’m going to get you out of this I promise.” I looked to Streak, not baring to look at her broken self anymore. My anger getting the best of me I raised my hand and took my shot, but Streak had been too fast. Appearing across the room he looked more angered than ever. Vibrating his hand with superhuman speed I watched as he fazed through Farah’s chest, ripping out her heart. It was like it all happened in slow motion, I ran to my sister before her body before it could hit the floor. Watching her heart tumble out of Streaks hand and roll onto the floor, and faster than I could see, he was gone.

I looked down at my now dead sister, the tears finally falling from my eyes as I roared out a sound that could only be described as pain and anger mixed together. “I’m so sorry.” I repeated those words for what seemed like hours. I felt nothing but my body turning numb, and I felt my broken heart turn to steel. I was going to get my revenge. Streak was going to pay.

I spent the entire night searching for a man with super speed. After hours of searching Steak was nowhere to be found. Wanting to finally feel something again I thought of Farah, my sister, the only family that I had left, and how she was gone forever. I thought of the last day we had spent together, and how happy she was. She believed in heroes, she believed in me, and I let her down. She wouldn’t have even been at my apartment if it wasn’t for me saving the bank.

That last thought triggered something in me, and as the sun came up I broke. “She wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for me.” I whispered, this is my fault, I could save people I didn’t even know, but I couldn’t save the one person I cared about. Before I could even think about what I was doing I made my way to that same bank. There was another epic there who could kill people just by pointing at them, he was robbing them. My anger getting the best of me I entered, “What are you doing here.” I boomed, and well, you know what happens next.

Blog Post #1

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Image result for michael vey My name is Samantha Surowiec, but you can call me Sam. I absolutely love to read, although I don’t always have enough time to do it. I first learned to read when I was young, but when I really learned how to read I was in the fifth grade in an after school reading program because I wasn’t very good at it; that’s when I first started to fall in love with reading. What got me into reading was the Michael Vey series, although I’ve fallen out of love with the series, It will always be my favorite because it started my passion for reading. I’m only capable of reading one book at a time because if I try to read more than one my brain can’t separate events, it all just becomes a jumbled mess. My favorite books to read now are Reality Fiction, my all time favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars, I know it’s basic, but it’s popular for a reason and I believe that John Green is a literary genius.

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