Iran legend blog #4

Legend of the Simurgh

There’s a bird that flies over a mountain and drops a really valuable feather that attracts all the birds to it so all the birds fly to the feather and cross over valleys and seas then only thirty birds make it to the feather and the name of the legend is called, “Simurgh” which means thirty.

Only some make it through tough trials and a lot don’t, like the birds that flew over all the mountains and oceans made it to the prize.

The birds are like the people of Iran and they want to be successful and get the feather, but there are hard mountains and seas that they must overcome and the birds are like spiritual references.

news article

There is a app thats really big around the counrty thats used by basicaly everyone who has access to a smart phone, computer, or tablet. its a big social media app that combines basicaly other social media apps into one so facebook, news apps, mail, and other social media apps. the main problem with the app is like all social media apps. people put bad things on it and things that arent approperiate for the app. it makes it much easier to vote and that is a problem in the cpountry. and the app has relations to nuclear warfae acording to the article. it makes the country like us in a wierd way, more people should know about this so it can become a wide spread topic in other counties.

post 2 background info

There are 80 million people in Iran, most of the population lives in Tehran the capital city, about 8 million people live in Tehran, another big city in Iran is Urima, the city is home to temples homes and farms, the main language in Iran spoken is Persian, they have a very hostile area, main religion is Islam, in the 1980s the Iran Iraq war was happening, the county is very dry and desert like.

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