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I choose the article “Pentagon Again Suspends Large-Scale Military Exercises With South Korea” from The new York times. This article is about how two larger military exercises that were supposed to be happening in the spring have been cancelled because Trump and Kim Jong-un have made a truce. But to keep that truce Trump made Kim Jong-un cancel the exercises. Except both Korea and the US will still carry on with there spring smaller exercises which are called “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle”.  With out Trump having Kim Jong-un cancel the large exercise it could cause major war breakout and there would be no more truce. The impact it has on the US would be major just because of the amount of nuclear bombs and more like them that they have could seriously effect the US because we haven’t had a major war in the US for a while now.


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The population in Korea is  48.6 million people. The capital city is Seoul, as well as the major language is Korean. Korea’s major religion is Buddhism and Christianity. 1948 was a special year for Korea because they received support from the USA. Another random fact is that Korea has only had one female president, Park Geun-hye who was impeached in an influence-peddling scandal. Korea’s poverty is at a 14.6 % (2013)


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My country is Korea and I choose it because it seems like a very interesting country. I expect to learn more about there culture and how there country is ran. My question is what the people do on a day to day bases and how is society?

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