Post #2: Background Information,and%20the%20partition%20of%20India.&text=The%20constitution%20of%201956%20made%20Pakistan%20an%20Islamic%20democratic%20country. The population of Pakistan is 212.2 million the most populated place is Karachi. The capital city is Islamabad the population is 197 million! Another major city in Pakistan is Lahore its most famous for the gorgeous snow hike you can go on if you vest or live there. The most common languages spoken … Continue reading Post #2: Background Information

Blog #1: Introduction

I selected Pakistan.  I selected Pakistan because I don’t know much about it, so I thought it would be cool to learn more about Pakistan! I except to learn about their culture and other things. I have lots of questions about the food they eat and what language they speak how they dress ect.