my new book the false prince

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I choose the book the False Prince. I chose this book because i have read the first couple of pages and never got to any more of it and thought that this would be a good time to finish it.

The reading level of my book is grades 4-12 I know this because i looked at  The age of the main character in my book is 13-15 because it goes through 2 years of his life.

my book has not won any awards and has not been made into a movie i am not sure if it has gotten and special attention. I know alot of people that have this book so I would say that it is well known in utah 

my call to adventure

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I live a pretty routine life when ever I get home from school I get a snack end then I go down to to the basement and play video games until my mom comes home from work end then I start working on anything missing or due the next day or school. And after that I will most likely go to a friends house or play more video games or watch the TV show called ”Psych.” 

something that call’s to me is food and yes that means eating it but more of cooking it when I become old enough i want to open a 5 star restaurant. I have always felt happy in the kitchen I cant remember a time where I did not fell good in the kitchen. When ever I feel sad I go to the kitchen and try to make up a new recipe.

Something holding me back on this adventure to open a restaurant is that I am too young and I do not have enough money. A way that I can fix this problem is that I can grow up and I can get a job so that I can start saving to buy a building.

My mentor is my mom because she is helping me achieve my goals and she is encouraging me to get a job and start saving for stuff  like collage and a building for my restaurant.

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personal quest

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i have helped someone for a service project we went to there house and we pulled up all there weeds cleaned there house and planted flowers and helped them move to there new house which is right next to a fighting gym. I always appreciate it when i receive service because if they did not do it for me i would have had to do it my self and i do not want to do that because that takes up a lot of my time that i could have spent doing some thing else with my good freind jake pixton.


Something that I do every day is I come home and get a snack and play my favorite video game Just Cause 3 it is a game about a man that tries to take over a government that is trying to enslave people and make them do everything that he wants them to do so you have to go around taking over city’s and country’s so that every body living there can be safe once again. i like this game because i get to go around shooting stuff.

winter break

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during the break i went to my grandpas house and we had a lot of fun because he lives in a retirement community and there is a club house that we went to and we went swimming and got in the hot tub because the water in the pool was cold because they forgot to turn the pool heater on.

for my book i chose the book wicked pedia Product Detailsi chose this book because i have never read it before and it looked like a fun book to was written by Chris van Etten this book  is for 9-12 grade i know because it says so in his website.

my new years goal is to get good grades in all my classes even the ones i wont use in life.

reader response

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I liked the poem i’m nobody! who are you, the most. I liked the poem because of the title because sometimes I feel like a nobody so this poem says to me that lots of other people feel the same way. This poem is like me because it says to not tell people how you feel because then they will advertise in any way that they can and I never tell people how I feel.

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This picture represents me because there is two sides to my life I may always seem happy but I am most of the time hiding my true feelings so that people don’t know how I and really feeling.

end term 1 blog post

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This term when I read I got lost in the story I did not know what was going on around me. It took me tell the very last day to finish my book and even then I was reading at home alot.  When I was reading my book I felt very rushed and this did not help me at all to finish my book it made we rush through and not really pay attation to the words. What I would change for term 2 is that I would choose a shorter book and read more during class.

The easy thing about my blog post were that they were very explanatory on what we were supposed to write about. The hard thing was getting them done on time and turning them in. I wish that we did not do so many blog posts because then I might have not had so many missing assigments.

I liked the book reports because they were not normal and it mixed things up a little. I wish that I was more prepared. I would prepare more for my book report so that I could get a better score in the class

plot structure

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The basic plot structure for the book Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo would be man VS man. The pattern of my book would be quest or adventure. The main conflict of my book is that Leven has to get to the gateway to Foo to battle the bad guy but does not know how to get there. A smaller conflict would be that while they are on their journey, they have evil spirits chasing them. My favorite part in the book is the battle at the end because it is an epic battle.

declairing my book

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The book I am reading is called Leven Thumps . I chose this book because the front cover look like it was a good book. The thing that attracted me to this book was the front cover. I found this book on my book shelf in my room.

My authors full name is Obert Skye. Obert skye was born in the United States of America. He went to schools in Europe and in the United States of America. He wrote many books like the Leven Thumps series. Besides writing books he liked collecting old books and water polo. One of his jobs was a candy taster. He normally writes science fiction. You can kinda predict what happens in the end.

My book was written in 2005 and I have the 2005 version. It matters when your book was written because it could reflect on what happened in that time period. It will also change if the book has cars in it and or technology.

People who bought this book also bought fantasy books like Peter and the Star Catchers and Fable Haven. The genre is fantasy. I like this book because it never gets boring. This book is for grades 5-8. The reading level is for 5-8 grade i looked on amozon.



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Some important symbols in my story is the black mist and the rain. The black mist means 2 things one of them is it symbolizes  the bad guy and the other is it means that levens life is dark and is full of hate. The rain means that levens life is also sad and droopy and that something is always wrong.

My books front cover has Leven on it and his little companion the thing. The book is marketed too boy and girls because it will make them sell more copys I know that if is for boys and girls because it has boys and girls in the book. I would not change the cover of my book because it pretty much explains who the main people are.

The them of my book is to go on a journey is to find your self. I say that because while he is on his journey to the gatway to foo he discovers that he has alot more in life than he expected.


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I am reading the book Leven thumps. The main charaters name is Leven Thumps. He comes from a really mean family who does not care about him. So they make him sleep out on the deck and all he has is a net around the deck to keep the bugs out.

Levens nemesis is someone who lives in foo that has evil spirits that live on earth that try to kill Leven. One night while he was sleeping a black mist came and tried to get in but luckily Leven woke up just in time and the mist got scared and went away.

Levens sidekick is a little monster that tries make leven remember that he is from foo. This sidekick has super powers and can anything into a spell. like one time in the book leven gets hungry but there is not any food to the monster grabbes a cracker and puts a spell on it and leven eats it and is no longer hungry.



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