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I am reading the book Leven thumps. The main charaters name is Leven Thumps. He comes from a really mean family who does not care about him. So they make him sleep out on the deck and all he has is a net around the deck to keep the bugs out.

Levens nemesis is someone who lives in foo that has evil spirits that live on earth that try to kill Leven. One night while he was sleeping a black mist came and tried to get in but luckily Leven woke up just in time and the mist got scared and went away.

Levens sidekick is a little monster that tries make leven remember that he is from foo. This sidekick has super powers and can anything into a spell. like one time in the book leven gets hungry but there is not any food to the monster grabbes a cracker and puts a spell on it and leven eats it and is no longer hungry.



setting of my book

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In the book Leven Thumps the setting in about the middel of the summer and some times when every thing is all good but then when something bad is going to happen it starts to get all gloomy and dark. The main charictors name is Leven and he is a 14 year old boy. The main mood of the book is sad and mean only some times is the charictor  happy. most of the book so far is in a setting of a trailer park they live on a lot with a lot of weed and one tree in side it.

parent teacher conferince

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Dear mom and dad,

during the 2o min of in class reading time i read Leven Thumps and the gateway to foo. Out of those 20 min i read about 90% of the time given. I am a slow reader and am only reading about 2 pages a day. to complete my book on time i need to read about 10 pages a day.

during class i am often helpful to those around me because when ever they need help they ask me and i help them and i am not distracting and i get my work done and let them get there work done.

sometimes i get distracted and am not on task but i always get back on track and start working again

declairing my book patrick beckstrand

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The book Leven thumps was written and copyrighted in 2005. the author of this book is obert skye. the audition that i have was also made in 2005. it matters when the book was written because it can change some of the techno it the  book like if the people in the book have cars or did they get around my horse. Or  did they have phones or did people not know when people not know when people were going to show up.

about me

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My name is patrick beckstrand and i like to play football. My favorite food it anything off the grill no matter what it is as long as it is cooked on the grill. My favorite T.V show is limitless it is about a guy who every morning takes a pill that makes him super smart. My favorite music group is AJR. i like going up so my brothers wifes cabin and riding the ATV’s.

favrite book patrick becksrand

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In the book Evertaster by Adam Glendon Sidwell it is about a young viking who lives in a tribe. And in this viking tribe the are something called butter smiths. The genre for this book is action and adventure. This book is about 114 pages long this book is for people in about grades 4-7.

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Hello world!

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