What’s this story The Landlady got to do with me?

Today in class we were asked to write about a time in our lives where we felt a connection to the story: The Landlady. I immediately thought of the time I was roofied at a party with some friends. The reason I connect that with this story is because the old witch like lady poisons a young boy. I don’t really remember the experience except for that it was scary and I felt very taken advantage of. I think that its really sad because the boy was just looking for a place to stay on his first big business trip. He was so looking forward to what he had ahead and the old women took it away from him.

The Story of an Hour online discussion

Part 1- The Story of and Hour is a story about a women who is told that her husband “died” in a fatal railroad disaster but she later finds out he was fine all along. I personally think the story was written very well and appropriately for the time era it was set in. I was kind of confused about whether she was happy or sad that her husband died. The story isn’t a genre that i typically read but i do like the story. I am conflicted on whether her reaction was justified or not. I personally am very glad that life for women has changed drastically and I don’t know what it would’ve been like living back then because life was controlled by men.

Part 2-  Why did the author kill Mrs. Mallard

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