Term 4 blog post

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For term 4, I chose to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I chose it because I got it for Christmas a few years ago, but I haven’t read it. Also it looks really good and everyone who has read it likes it a lot. The main character named Jacob, and he is 16 years old

This book was written for teens, it is young adult fiction, but anyone can read it. On amazon it doesn’t have an age range, but is does say that this book is for teens and adults. It is in the teen category though. One reason why I know this, is the size of the words, and the main character in this book is 16 years old.

The author of this book is named Ransom Riggs, he lives in California and writes lots of books. I don’t know of any awards he has won. There was a movie made of this book, it is called the same thing. The movie was released in 2016. This book has won best fiction for young adults. This is the first book in a whole series of books.

My reading: A Self Evaluation

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I actually really like to read. I have a lot of my own books and whenever I’m bored I just read. The reading index test is kind of stressful, but I always get a good score so I actually don’t mind it very much. I have improved a lot since the beginning of the year, at first I got in the 1200’s and this time I got in the 1400’s so I have improved.

For term 3, I liked that the book had some mystery along with magic and humor. I liked this book report the best out of all of them, because we didn’t have to share in front of the whole class, we got to in smaller groups. I also liked how we had time to do some of it in class. What I would have done differently, is I would have tried to make it look a little nicer and I wish I had had a better bag.

The book I have chosen to read in term 4 is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I didn’t choose it based on anyone else, I actually got it for Christmas but I haven’t read it yet. Another reason why I chose this is because it fits the requirements, there’s 343 pages, the main character is sixteen, and it is on my reading level. I plan to do as well as I did in term 3, I had it done on time, and I finished the book at the perfect time.

Call to Adventure

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My ordinary world is probably pretty normal. I go to school everyday from 8:15 to 2:45 and when I get home I do my homework. After that I usually do something with my siblings or watch something with them. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually in my room practicing drawing while I watch TV  or I’m reading. After I eat dinner everyday I have to do my chores like cleaning my room. On Saturdays, I sleep in late and watch TV.

What calls to me is drawing. I really enjoy drawing and I practice a lot to try to get better and better at it. My grandpa is an artist, so he kind of inspires me to draw and to try to be good at it. At school I’m in a drawing class and I like it because I get to be creative and practice my art. When I see art work or pictures on social media I feel like I want to be that good, so most days I practice drawing to get better at it and even though I get discouraged sometimes I keep trying!

My refusal of the call is thinking I’m not good enough at drawing. After awhile of erasing my drawings and fixing then,  and it still doesn’t turn out right or it doesn’t look normal I sometimes get frustrated and I start to think I’m not good enough to pursue art. I have to remind myself sometimes that it takes a lot of practice to be good at it.

My mentor on this adventure, is my grandpa. My grandpa is an artist, and he inspires me and helps me with a lot. He has given me some lessons and is still giving me more. He gives me hints, and shows me things I can do to make my art better. He often travels around to fairs and does caricatures of people, and right after this school year started, over the weekend my family drove up to a fair in Idaho that he was drawing at. I watched him draw people for hours and I learned a lot and had a ton of fun! He has given me caricatures of myself and my family and he gave me a painting that is currently in my room and they inspire me because I remember that it took him a lot of practice and that I can create art like that someday. 


Personal Quest

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Once, I felt that my ring was a lucky charm. I got my ring in the summer before school with my friend. I didn’t wear it a lot because it kind of bothered me with writing on papers because it would hit the desk and make a loud bang. But one day I decided to wear it to school, and I had a math test that day. I ended up getting 100% on that math test and it was a unit that I wasn’t doing very on. So because I did so well on the test I thought that the ring was lucky, and on the next quiz we did I wore it to see if it really was lucky. I didn’t get 100% on it, but I did do very well! On every quiz I wore it, and I got an A in math!

For my next prompt, there was a time that someone made me do something I didn’t want to do and I’m glad they did. So I was at a trampoline park, kind of like hang time, and there was this big foam pit that you could swing into on a rope. My older sister thought it looked so fun, so she went and did it over and over again. I didn’t want to do it with her because I thought that it looked really scary so I was just sitting there watching her. She eventually pushed me into trying it even though I didn’t want to, but I’m really glad she did, because I ended up having a lot of fun!

Term 3 Blog post

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Over Christmas break I slept in almost everyday because I didn’t have to wake up for school. Mostly what I normally did was watch TV or I did puzzles while I listened to music. I also went to see the Greatest Showman twice, I really liked it, then the songs were stuck in my head for the rest of the break. Also I’m obsessed with a video game called Zelda Breath of the Wild, so I played it a lot!

I picked the book The Unwanteds for term 3. I chose my book because I was looking for books in my house and I got this one for Christmas and I thought it looked good. The author is Lisa McMann, she wrote a whole Unwanteds series. She lives in Phoenix with family. Here’s a link to amazon to tell more about her and all her books.  The Unwanteds is from grades  5-8 and it has 416 pages.  I read about it on amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here’s a link to amazon.

For the new year, my resolution is to get better grades in school, especially in math.  And to do my homework more because I was bad at doing my homework last semester.




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Kind, thoughtful, loving

Daughter of Marie and Paul

Who loves stranger things and reading

Who hates bullies and loves kindness

Who fears getting lost, bears, and alligators

Who made it into the accelerated math class

Who wants to experience traveling to new places and wants everyone to be treated with respect

Born in Salt Lake, living in Pleasant Grove


Reader Response to Poetry

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The poem I liked the most was “The Anthem of Awesome” by Sekou Andrews. I really liked this poem because it was expressing that you should be you and to not be like anyone else and that everything about you is just you and you don’t have to be like everybody else. I also really like how optimistic it is about everything and how it really is saying no one is perfect. This poem is like me because I also don’t think people should try to be like anyone else, they should be true to themselves. This poem actually has a lot in common with the theme song I chose, “There’s No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” by Old Dominion, they are both a lot about just being you and no one else. They are both saying also that no one is completely perfect but everyone is as perfect as they can be and that is the best kind of perfect there is.

This picture is of a crowded city street with lots of people walking around or riding a bike. This represents me because no matter who you are or what life your living you are just a person and no one is perfect, everyone is just the same and everyone on this crowded street is going somewhere and has a place to be and is going there. And in the end, everyone is human and none of us are perfect.

End of Term 1

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This term when I read, I think about how long it took me to read my book. I did not feel rushed about reading my book, I even finished my book way earlier than I needed to. I think I did a pretty good good job about how I did it. I finished my book after I read 20 minutes in class a few times then I just went home and finished my book at home. Then I had about a week and a half to think about what project I was going to do, and I ended up doing it on the extra credit day. I think that I would do things about the same next term.

This term when I was  writing I think about blog posts. I thought that the blog posts were an easy way to do all of our writing. Typing is way easier than writing and it’s a lot faster so that you don’t have to spend a really long time writing and your hand doesn’t  hurt after a while like it does when your handwriting. Also it is a lot easier to turn everything in than dealing with a paper that some people might lose or rip, it’s a lot easier to just hit publish and put it in the computer. I don’t think anything should be different about blog posts because it’s a lot easier to do writing.

This terms book report was good. I was thinking about how I spend the time drawing the picture of the trees and the girl, and also how I designed it and I had to to the title of the book it fancy lettering that took me a really long time. I actually really liked how my book report came together, I think it looked pretty good. But if I could change it, I think I would do the drawing of the forest better, I did the best I could have on it but I just wish the forest could have been more detailed, but I’m no artist.

I think that I did a pretty good job this term, and if I could do it over again all I would have changed is that I would have studied for my math quiz. That was a mistake, and I got a c. And I still haven’t gotten my grade all the way back up. But overall, I feel really good about how term 1 went.


Symbols and Theme

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I think in my book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, the main symbol in the book is the worn out dancing slippers.  They always talk about the worn out dancing slippers and that’s kind of what gets the story going and getting people interested in the strange mystery. I think that the worn out slippers represent the curse that is on the girls and represents the fact that they have to go to the midnight ball every night and dance for the King Under Stone.  Another important symbol in this book is the silver knitting needles that Galen gets in the book. They represent hope I think. That they might have a chance of escape and start having hope that they won’t have to go down there every night for the rest of their lives.

On my cover it shows the main princess, Rose, walking down stairs in a dress. I think that this implies a big part of this story. She’s walking down the steps into the Midnight Ball, dresses in her ballgown and her dancing shoes that are not yet worn out. The message implied is that they must go to the midnight ball. They were obviously marketing this book to girls, with the princess on the front cover. I really like this cover, but if I could change anything about it, I think I would make the princess dancing on the front cover wearing worn out slippers that were worn out that night.

I think the theme of  Princess of the Midnight Ball  is good triumphs over evil.  Some examples are like when the evil princes come out of their realm and try to get to the princesses they manage to fend them off. Another one is the very end when Galen actually acts on his plan and fights off the evil. There’s a lot of bumps, but in the end they beat evil.


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The basic plot structure in my book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, has a lot of different plot elements, there’s rescue, pursuit, love, and a little bit of a riddle. All the princesses are under a curse and they have to go to the midnight ball, and during the whole book, all the princes and Galen are trying to save them from it, so that’s rescue. Pursuit is the King Under Stone and his sons going after the princesses to marry them. Love is Rose and Galen falling in love throughout the book, and the riddle part is Galen trying to figure out the mystery of the worn out dancing slippers and where the princesses go every night.

The conflict of this book, is man vs supernatural. Throughout the book, the princesses and Galen are trying to get out of the King Under Stones power. The King Under Stone isn’t mortal or human, he can cast spells like the one he put on the princesses bed room so that anyone trying to help them falls asleep, I don’t know exactly what he is but he’s not human. They have to go down every night to the midnight ball no matter what they try, so Galen has to help them and defeat the King Under Stone and free the princesses from his grasp.

One of my favorite parts is close the the ending, when Galen makes a plan the defeat the King Under Stone and actually acts on it. He takes a sharp silver branch, and writes the kings name on it and stabs him with it which finally kills him, but all of his power goes to his oldest evil son, so they have to run for it and Galen starts shooting the princes with his gun. When they finally make it through the gate, Galen chains it shut with a special magic chain he made which means that the remaining princes are stuck down there forever with no way out.

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