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  • The main character or major character is a character that is central the the development and resolution of the stories problem.
  • Minor characters are characters that are not focused on by the primary storyline.
  • The sidekick is a character that accompanies the main character.
  • Protagonist is the main character in any story.
  • Antagonist is the character who opposes the antagonist.
  • The Nemesis the the ultimate or undefeatable foe.

In my book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, the main characters are Rose and Galen. They are the ones that the story mainly focuses on. The sidekicks are all eleven of Roses other sisters, because they are never focused on, and they are just always there helping when Rose is sick and when they go to the midnight ball.

I think overall Galen is the most major character is this book.Its basically all about him solving the mystery of the worn out dancing slippers, even when its focused on Rose, he’s always mentioned and is helping Rose. In this book, Galen is trying to change the fact that the 12 sisters keep going to the Midnight ball every night. He does everything he can to change that.

The antagonist in The Princess of the Midnight Ball, is the King Under Stone. He’s always in the way of Galen trying to solve the problem. When Galen follows them down to the midnight ball, the king under stone sees him and knocks him back and tries to keep the princesses there. The nemesis of the story I think is actually the deal that Queen Maude made, because of that is why they always have to go down there, and they can’t find a way to avoid it.


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The main location in my book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, is a country called Westfalin, in a town called Bruch. The main place that they are at through the book so far is the royal castle, and it’s garden. Outside the castle is the town where all the citizens live.  I don’t know what year this book is it never really says, it’s fantasy so it’s not a real place, but It wouldn’t be modern because it’s princesses and castles and old.

In the beginning of the book, it is fall and getting pretty chilly. Then winter comes and it is freezing outside with snow and hail. So I think that is starts in September/October and then goes into December. They have to wear big heavy coats and a lot of layers to keep warm when they go outside today.

The time of day in the book is usually in the afternoon through dinner time when they go about their daily lives in the castle. But then the story usually skips to around midnight every night when the princesses actually go to  the midnight ball.

The mood is very energetic and crazy almost most of the time. With everyone bustling around the castle and people working hard in their shops outside the castle or in the queens garden. When winter comes it has a feeling of isolation when everyone is sick in bed or can’t go outside because of the cold.

Parent Teacher Conference

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Dear Mom and Dad,

For the book report I’m reading Princess of the Midnight Ball.  During the 20 minutes of in-class silent reading time I read Princess of the Midnight Ball.  Out of those 20 minutes I read 100% of the time. I read about 1 page a minute so in class I read about 20 pages every time. I’m currently on page 78 of 272, so I have 194 pages left in it, so to finish it in time I have to read about 8 pages a day.

In class, I’m usually well behaved and am on task. Sometimes I talk a little to much though. I try to help the people around me the best I can when they need my help.

I think I do pretty good in English overall. So far I have all blue for my assignments so I think if I keep up the good work than this should be a pretty good year. 

Declaring My Book

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My book is Princess of the Midnight Ball.  I chose this book because my sister has read it  and said it was really good. I was attracted to this book because the front cover is really pretty, and also I love the author, I have read other books she’s written. I found this book in my house.

The author of my book is Jessica Day George. Here’s a link to a page about her. She was born on October 11, 1976 and she is currently 40 years old. She was born in Boise, Idaho , but she currently lives in Utah. Other than writing she also loves to knit, watch movies and travel. Jessica Day George has three kids and a dog. She usually writes fantasy/ fairy tale books.

My book was originally written in 2009, but I have the newer 2010 paperback copy. The year my book was written impacts the story because the English is different than it would be if it was written a long time ago.

Books similar to mine are the Goose Girl series. Similar books are books about princesses and adventures. My books genre is fantasy magic. I like this book so far because it is fantasy so anything can happen, and it’s also about a princess.

My book is intended for ages 12+, and grades 7+.  The link to to page I looked at for this is here. The reading level is right for eighth grade because the character is older and its more than 200 pages long. My book has 280 pages.




My Favorite Book

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  The Land of Stories is my favorite book because it’s really fun to read. It’s really funny, and it’s full of adventures.! There is a lot of fairy tales and fairy tale characters so it’s really interesting to read.  This book is 464 pages long. The Land of Stories is a fairy tales, folk tales and myth, fantasy and magic book. Anyone could read this book, I think anyone who is looking for a good fantasy adventure book should read this book.


Hello world!

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