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Dear Mom and Dad,

For the book report I’m reading Princess of the Midnight Ball.  During the 20 minutes of in-class silent reading time I read Princess of the Midnight Ball.  Out of those 20 minutes I read 100% of the time. I read about 1 page a minute so in class I read about 20 pages every time. I’m currently on page 78 of 272, so I have 194 pages left in it, so to finish it in time I have to read about 8 pages a day.

In class, I’m usually well behaved and am on task. Sometimes I talk a little to much though. I try to help the people around me the best I can when they need my help.

I think I do pretty good in English overall. So far I have all blue for my assignments so I think if I keep up the good work than this should be a pretty good year. 

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