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October 2017

End of Term 1

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This term when I read, I think about how long it took me to read my book. I did not feel rushed about reading my book, I even finished my book way earlier than I needed to. I think I did a pretty good good job about how I did it. I finished my book after I read 20 minutes in class a few times then I just went home and finished my book at home. Then I had about a week and a half to think about what project I was going to do, and I ended up doing it on the extra credit day. I think that I would do things about the same next term.

This term when I was  writing I think about blog posts. I thought that the blog posts were an easy way to do all of our writing. Typing is way easier than writing and it’s a lot faster so that you don’t have to spend a really long time writing and your hand doesn’t  hurt after a while like it does when your handwriting. Also it is a lot easier to turn everything in than dealing with a paper that some people might lose or rip, it’s a lot easier to just hit publish and put it in the computer. I don’t think anything should be different about blog posts because it’s a lot easier to do writing.

This terms book report was good. I was thinking about how I spend the time drawing the picture of the trees and the girl, and also how I designed it and I had to to the title of the book it fancy lettering that took me a really long time. I actually really liked how my book report came together, I think it looked pretty good. But if I could change it, I think I would do the drawing of the forest better, I did the best I could have on it but I just wish the forest could have been more detailed, but I’m no artist.

I think that I did a pretty good job this term, and if I could do it over again all I would have changed is that I would have studied for my math quiz. That was a mistake, and I got a c. And I still haven’t gotten my grade all the way back up. But overall, I feel really good about how term 1 went.


Symbols and Theme

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I think in my book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, the main symbol in the book is the worn out dancing slippers.  They always talk about the worn out dancing slippers and that’s kind of what gets the story going and getting people interested in the strange mystery. I think that the worn out slippers represent the curse that is on the girls and represents the fact that they have to go to the midnight ball every night and dance for the King Under Stone.  Another important symbol in this book is the silver knitting needles that Galen gets in the book. They represent hope I think. That they might have a chance of escape and start having hope that they won’t have to go down there every night for the rest of their lives.

On my cover it shows the main princess, Rose, walking down stairs in a dress. I think that this implies a big part of this story. She’s walking down the steps into the Midnight Ball, dresses in her ballgown and her dancing shoes that are not yet worn out. The message implied is that they must go to the midnight ball. They were obviously marketing this book to girls, with the princess on the front cover. I really like this cover, but if I could change anything about it, I think I would make the princess dancing on the front cover wearing worn out slippers that were worn out that night.

I think the theme of  Princess of the Midnight Ball  is good triumphs over evil.  Some examples are like when the evil princes come out of their realm and try to get to the princesses they manage to fend them off. Another one is the very end when Galen actually acts on his plan and fights off the evil. There’s a lot of bumps, but in the end they beat evil.

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