End of Term 1

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This term when I read, I think about how long it took me to read my book. I did not feel rushed about reading my book, I even finished my book way earlier than I needed to. I think I did a pretty good good job about how I did it. I finished my book after I read 20 minutes in class a few times then I just went home and finished my book at home. Then I had about a week and a half to think about what project I was going to do, and I ended up doing it on the extra credit day. I think that I would do things about the same next term.

This term when I was ¬†writing I think about blog posts. I thought that the blog posts were an easy way to do all of our writing. Typing is way easier than writing and it’s a lot faster so that you don’t have to spend a really long time writing and your hand doesn’t ¬†hurt after a while like it does when your handwriting. Also it is a lot easier to turn everything in than dealing with a paper that some people might lose or rip, it’s a lot easier to just hit publish and put it in the computer. I don’t think anything should be different about blog posts because it’s a lot easier to do writing.

This terms book report was good. I was thinking about how I spend the time drawing the picture of the trees and the girl, and also how I designed it and I had to to the title of the book it fancy lettering that took me a really long time. I actually really liked how my book report came together, I think it looked pretty good. But if I could change it, I think I would do the drawing of the forest better, I did the best I could have on it but I just wish the forest could have been more detailed, but I’m no artist.

I think that I did a pretty good job this term, and if I could do it over again all I would have changed is that I would have studied for my math quiz. That was a mistake, and I got a c. And I still haven’t gotten my grade all the way back up. But overall, I feel really good about how term 1 went.


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