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Over Christmas break I slept in almost everyday because I didn’t have to wake up for school. Mostly what I normally did was watch TV or I did puzzles while I listened to music. I also went to see the Greatest Showman twice, I really liked it, then the songs were stuck in my head for the rest of the break. Also I’m obsessed with a video game called Zelda Breath of the Wild, so I played it a lot!

I picked the book The Unwanteds for term 3. I chose my book because I was looking for books in my house and I got this one for Christmas and I thought it looked good. The author is Lisa McMann, she wrote a whole Unwanteds series. She lives in Phoenix with family. Here’s a link to amazon to tell more about her and all her books.  The Unwanteds is from grades  5-8 and it has 416 pages.  I read about it on amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here’s a link to amazon.

For the new year, my resolution is to get better grades in school, especially in math.  And to do my homework more because I was bad at doing my homework last semester.



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