My reading: A Self Evaluation

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I actually really like to read. I have a lot of my own books and whenever I’m bored I just read. The reading index test is kind of stressful, but I always get a good score so I actually don’t mind it very much. I have improved a lot since the beginning of the year, at first I got in the 1200’s and this time I got in the 1400’s so I have improved.

For term 3, I liked that the book had some mystery along with magic and humor. I liked this book report the best out of all of them, because we didn’t have to share in front of the whole class, we got to in smaller groups. I also liked how we had time to do some of it in class. What I would have done differently, is I would have tried to make it look a little nicer and I wish I had had a better bag.

The book I have chosen to read in term 4 is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I didn’t choose it based on anyone else, I actually got it for Christmas but I haven’t read it yet. Another reason why I chose this is because it fits the requirements, there’s 343 pages, the main character is sixteen, and it is on my reading level. I plan to do as well as I did in term 3, I had it done on time, and I finished the book at the perfect time.

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