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For term 4, I chose to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I chose it because I got it for Christmas a few years ago, but I haven’t read it. Also it looks really good and everyone who has read it likes it a lot. The main character named Jacob, and he is 16 years old

This book was written for teens, it is young adult fiction, but anyone can read it. On amazon it doesn’t have an age range, but is does say that this book is for teens and adults. It is in the teen category though. One reason why I know this, is the size of the words, and the main character in this book is 16 years old.

The author of this book is named Ransom Riggs, he lives in California and writes lots of books. I don’t know of any awards he has won. There was a movie made of this book, it is called the same thing. The movie was released in 2016. This book has won best fiction for young adults. This is the first book in a whole series of books.

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