Casting the Characters

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The book I’m reading is Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children. For the main character, Jacob Portman, I would chose the actor Levi Miller. Because in the book it says “We all knew perfectly well I was turning 16″ This actor is 15 and will be turning 16 this year. The book also says,” I became subject to acute stress reaction after witnessing  grandfather’s death” And I think that this actor would do well portraying his personality.



The next character is Emma Bloom. For this character I would cast the actress Olivia Cooke, because in the book it says,”She wore s simple white dress and a hard expression, her face strikingly pretty.” And I think Olivia Cooke is really pretty. Also in the book she has fire powers, and Olivia’s hair is slightly red, and I think it fits perfectly. In the book it also describes her with “wavy hair”.



The third character I’m doing is Miss Peregrine. For her I chose actress Vera Farmiga. In my book it says,”The image was so strange, and yet it was nothing like my grandfather’s pictures. There were no tricks here. It was just a woman—a woman smoking a pipe.” If if was anything but serious he would have believed he was dreaming, so I think that this actress would be good with that. In the book it also says,”She was dressed head to toe in black” and I think she would look good in black. The book also says,”Her hair was pinned in a perfectly round knot atop her head” And Vera has long enough hair to pin it in a bun.



For the next character, Grandpa Portman, I would choose Ian Mckellen. Because in the book it says, “My grandfather was getting old, and frankly he was starting to lose it.” Ian Mckellen is 78 years old so I think he would be good for it. It also says, ” I begged him to regale me with stories whenever I saw him.” I think that this actor would be good at telling all the stories about the children. And also it says, “He encouraged me by spending afternoons at my side hunched over maps of the world.” Ian mckellen I think looks like he would be good for an explorer.

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