In my book, Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, the main character named Jacob Portman lives in Florida. At the very beginning of the book it says that it is a tiny bit foggy outside, but this is because it is night time. Other than that, it is always very sunny and warm in Florida. Even though it is very sunny and that makes most people happy, it doesn’t make Jacob happier because his grandpa died.

Jacob leaves Florida after his grandpa dies and he goes to a remote island off the coast of Wales. The island is first described as very very foggy, all he could see was gray.It is mostly just foggy and cloudy there. It also sometimes rains there.  Also it is very murky and swampy with gross plants and swamp.

But after discovering the old childrens home, he follows a girl into a hole and when he comes out, he discovered the loop, which took him back in time. On the island back in time, all the swamps are gone so it is just grassy, and it is all sunny and not stormy at all.

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