Post #2 Background information

  • The Population of India is 1.3 billion and most of the population lies in New Delhi. Which, not suprisngly is the capital of India. The second major city in India is Mumbai. Mumbai holds the gateway of India which is a location among tourists that marks King George V and Queen Mary at Apollo Bunder on there visit in India. Mumbai is a tourist location that most find beautiful.
  • Most citizens of India speak Hindu. But India has 22 other recognized official languages. Including English,Urdu and Sanskrit.
  • 22% of the Indian population is in poverty. Which means less than half of India’s population is poor. Which is nice to know because for a number of years India suffered from a poverty crisis.
  • India is the leading diamond producer.
  • 79.8% of the Indian population practice Hinduism . Which is the most¬† widespread religion in India. 14.2% of the Indian population adheres to Islam,while the rest of the population adheres to other religions
  • India was originally under British rule, In 1920 Mahatma Ghandi helped to gain independence be leading many in peaceful protests. India is than split into two nations of Independence Hindu majority-India, and Muslim majority- Pakistan which leads to many conflicts in the future.



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