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Last week I decided to read this CNN article to give me an insight on what is going on India today. The article I chose, discussed an upcoming election that is expected to be pretty big for India. More specifically, the article discussed how whatsapp plans to prepare for that very election.

Whatsapp is a social media app the is pretty popular in India. It allows people to join chat rooms and send direct messages to other users. The article talks about multiple murders that took place in the past, that had resulted from propaganda that had been spread through the app. The article goes into detail on how whatsapp plans to prevent this from happening again.

The social media app will now be putting in AI software to detect and ban users spreading potentially dangerous information through the app. The AI will look for behaviors such as: bulk registrations of accounts that appear to be similar to others and a large amount of messages sent in a short time period.

I came to understand from reading this article that propaganda being spread on this popular social media platform has lead to deaths and the company that owns whatsapp wants to prevent such things from reoccurring. I believe whatsapp’s efforts are very noble and they prove to want to help the issue which is very noble. A platform such as that doesn’t necessarily have to care about things like that, and its a good thing they do.

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