Blog #2

I was so scared. I couldn’t recall where I was. It had felt as if my ears were not working right and my eyes were cloudy. Everything was a blur. I tried to think of what just happened to me. It smelled faintly of smoke and rotten debris. My body hurt all over and could not move; I was pinned under the weight of reality. It felt as if I was laying in something warm, I tried to turn my head, oh man that hurt so bad. The texture of the warmth was my own blood. Trying not no puke, I attempted to figure out what was going on. No one else was around, or of what I could see. All I could think about was the fear that filled up my little tiny body and that I was only a nine year old boy, and I am not ready to die. All of a sudden, everything was going dark and my mind powered down.

I woke up with my body still throbbing from the catastrophe that just occurred. There was a flashing light in my eyes; it was so blinding that my eyes didn’t want to open. People were trying to talk to me, but I only heard buzzing; and the sound of distant, inaudible ruckus. I saw a glimpse of something being lifted from my body, but the pressure in my chest increased. My heart was grasping for life; its pain was only agitated by the hands of the people who were trying to save me. They were moving my body into weird positions to where I could not move a single bit. I was confined to the parameters of safety within the ambulance. As the stretcher bounced out of the ambulance more people rushed to my aid. I tried asking for my mother, and what had happened to her, but it seemed that everyone was ignoring my question. The pain as so excruciating that I passed out.

I jolted awake; my heart beating a million miles per hour. A nurse came up to me but was so amazed she ran away. Just a few seconds later a lot of doctors came running into my room. They all had a look of confusion on their face. They showered me in questions, for example: how do you feel? Does anything hurt? What can you remember from what happened?  The doctors ran test after test, x-ray after x-ray, the results came back exactly the same every time: I was just a normal nine year old boy who didn’t have any physical ailment. Emotionally though I was not fine; I found out that I was the only one to survive that building collapse, and that I had lost my mother. The mystery of what happened to me physically still remains unsolved.

Over the next few years, something still didn’t seem right. I went to go down the stairs; as I grabbed the railing it quickly changed from wood to steel. What had just happened!? I touched the wall; the steel immediately took over the the wooden wall.  Each thing that I clutched turned into steel. It brought back memories of when I was nine; could this possibly be from that night? I had to get control of this fast, before it got out and my secret was discovered. It had only taken me a few days to figure out what I could do. I was capable of not getting hurt and turning everything I came in contact with into steel. Once I realized the power that I held, I could enjoy a much better life. I had a lot more potential than being a man who worked in the mines.  It was now necessary to get revenge of the savage events that took part in my life; even if that meant I had to be the most powerful person out there.


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