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The main issue that is involved in my book is the cultural issue. Both Dimple and Rishi coming from an Indian background have to follow tradition. Well Dimple just wants to be herself, and with that she is not completely following tradition. Since she was raised in the US she has more of the american tradition in her that Indian, and her parents don’t understand that. While Dimple is more rebellious, Rishi wants to follow tradition perfectly. He has all of his life planned out and wants to have an arranged marriage and wants to keep tradition. So when Dimple and Rishi get set up to have an arranged marriage things turn and everything turns out differently.

This issue got started because it is a tradition in the Indian culture. The author of this book is definitely involved in making this issue more aware. But i am sure that every one is aware of this issue because it is part of a religion. (It wouldn’t let me onto the authors website) Sandhya Menon, the author made this book really interesting that also includes the many detail that gets put into this issue. There is a love story that helps the readers tap in, and with that it creates a more understanding of the book. So then you can understand the issue more.

I thought that this was an amazing book. And yes I do like issue-driven books. I am not sure if i have ready any other issue-driven books. This book just seemed to pull me and i couldn’t put it down.

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