Book Review 2

What I read: Percy Jackson and the Lightning theif, By Rick Riordian, It is a fantasy book, it is 347 page long, I rate this book a nine out of ten.

How it starts: It starts with percy jackson the main character in school, he just wants to be accepted.

How it gets complicated: It gets complicated when percy goes on a feild trip to a museum and a monster is seen, him and his friend grover fight it off. Then percy is in danger because he figures out he is a demigod and the monsters figure that out too, so he gets taken to a demigod camp and he figures out he is the son of his mom and of posiden, he is the only so of posiden there.

What I liked: What I liked most about this book was that there was always some action going on whether it was a fight or just training in camp. That is my favorite part of this book, all of the action.

What I disliked: What I disliked was nothing, the only thing I disliked was when the movie came out I watched that and it was nothing like the book.

Recommendation: I would reccomend this book to most boys because boys love action.

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