What you need to know before joining pop lit

In this class you need to have a good mentality. If you like to read then you would like this class, in this class you have to have an open mind, you have to read a lot. If you don’t read a lot you could get kind of behind on all the reading. If you don’t read then you can’t participate in the discussions. If you don’t participate in the discussions then you could get your grade docked. My advice to you would be to keep up on your reading and it will be easier to discuss and easier to blog. You need to know that there will be a lot of reading and writing.

Not being seen

In the book “A Monster Calls” Connor wants to be seen desperatly and it kind of doesn’t make sense to me. He is getting attention from these people like Lily and his teachers but he just pushes them away. If he wants to be seen then why does he push away the people that can see him? To me what he means when he says that he wants to be seen he means that he wants to be seen for what he’s done not for what his mm has done. Right now he thinks that he is seen because his mom is sick and he wants to be seen for something that he has done.

Deep Thinker 2.5

Source: I survived the battle of Gettysburg, 1863, by Lauren Tarshis, page number 33

Quote:  “Don’t say that, Les! Don’t even think it!”

Context: Right now in this book the troops are about to go to the giant battle called the battle of gettysburg. In this book they are just marching their way over to the place where the battle of gettysburg will take place. This book is more about them marching to gettysburg then the fight itself.

This makes me think: This makes me think because he says not to say it and to not even think it. Why would thinking make them have like bad luck. It doesn’t make sense to me that he doesn’t want him to even say it. The only reason I could think of is that they did really bad and they are not wanting to remind the soldiers of that war because  if they think about it, it might get on their mind. It migth affect the way that they fight.

Deep Thinker 2.4

Source: To be a slave, Julius Lester, page 36

Quote: “My master used to throw me in a buck and whip me.”

Context: In this story it is just an excerpt from a slaves journal. In this part of this book the author is finding quotes about the conditions of being a slave. In this book the stories just keep getting into new things, like at first it was excerpts about the auctions. Then it kept going on into a slaves life. It was excerpts from slaves being free at the end, and slaves being taken awy from their families in the beginning.

This makes me think: This makes me think because it makes me think of the working conditions and the living conditions. It also made me think about why did they say buck and what do they mean when they say it. How big was the buck? Was it small? Did it make the whipping hurt more?


In life there are many decisions that you have to make. If you believe in something you are most likely going to go in the way that your beleif is. Belief has a lot of power, if you persuade someone to believe something then you can use that belief to get them to think something. To believe in something it means an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. In the book a monster calls belief would relate to the mum, dad, grandma, and conner because connor kind of now believes in the monster and it makes the rest of his family kind of think that he is crazy.

How I can survive hard things

If you are going through life then you will encounter hard things in your life, whether it’s a hard math test or a member of your family died. Hard things can come in many different ways. To deal with hard things you can do many things. Some ways that work for me to deal with hard things are that I always just put some earbuds in and listen to music by my self. To me dealing with hard things is stressful, to me stress is more serious then the hard thing itself. Hard things and stress are hard to deal with, so the best thing that I think anyone can do is to find their own thing that helps them deal with this.

Deep Thinker 2.3

Source: To be a slave, Julius Lester, page 30

Quote:“I was here in slavery days. I was here. When I come here, colored people didn’t have their ages. The boss man had it.”

Context: This is a full excerpt from a journal or something else like a newspaper article. It seems to me like it is a poem, because it kind of makes sense in that way. You can say it with a tune and it will still sound good. This excerpt makes a lot of sense to me.

This makes me think: This makes me think because as you think about slavery you feel like slaves never had anything to themselves they always only had part of it or none of it. With this quote it is making me feel like it is saying this, “the colored people didn’t have their ages. The boss man did.” It is basically saying right here that the slaves didn’t own their lives, the owners owned them and everything they did.

Deep Thinker 2.2

Source: To be a slave, by Julius Lester, on page 30.

Quote:“There were some slaves whose owners were their real fathers.”

Context: In this book it is  a bunch of different accounts, like journal entries. This is just part of one of the journal entry. In this entry it is just talking about how some slaves lived, depending on the owners they had. Some were treated well, and others had horrible owners that did not treat them like they were even humans. This is very sad that these people who can do things just as good as us get enslaved because they don’t look the same.

This makes me think: This makes me think because it says that the slaves can be owned by their own fathers and  just started wondering, why weren’t they bought by their parents more often then? I wonder if they did buy their children, but it wasn’t mentioned as much as the rest of the stuff that happened?






Deep Thinker 2.1

Source: The golden kite, the silver wind, Ray Bradbury, page 153

Quote: ” The city shaped like an orange? No! I will enter the city shaped like a pig and prosper, eating all, growing fat, with good luck and prosperity!”

Context: This isn’t much of a book, it is a short story. There is not much going on yet, the two characters were in a conversation. One was a messenger and the other asked what city he was going to.
This make me think: This makes me think because he is using all this figurative language. It makes me think because he is saying all this stuff about a city like it is alive. Since it used this it made me think a lot more.  This was a very good use of figurative language. This was a lot more fun to read because the language made me want to keep reading the story.