Mr. Sly

  1. Mr. SLY

I heard Mr. Sly is a very bad man,

He can fight with bare hands like no one else can!

He’ll gobble you up and your friends in a snap,

He’ll come while you’re sleeping so don’t take a nap.

His eyes are as red as the blood on his knife,

What I heard, is that he killed his own wife.

He’s mean and he’s nasty, no kindness is there,

And don’t even mention that lice in his hair.

Quick now, he’s coming! We must go inside,

We have to move faster, find somewhere to hide.

He thumps up the stairs as I peek out the door,

I can feel the vibrations that come from the floor.

My soul full of fear and my brain full of thoughts,

They all went away when I saw, Mr. Pots.

“Why are you here?” I asked with such wonder,

I told him to hide, “Quick, come on under!”

“Mr. Sly’s coming, he’ll murder us all!  

I hear that he’s really awfully tall.”

“Oh little missy, you must become tame,

For I and the Sly are one in the same!”

“My house is so scary, my wife’s on a trip,

What have the kids done to make these words slip?”

“The children were mean! They gave me that name!

They called me a trickster, and they called me lame.”Oh so scary they called you lameeee

“Young girl, I’m not scary I’m rightfully kind,

Surely you see that, or you would be blind.”

“I see my mistake, I judged you unfair,

And so I won’t listen to them anywhere.”

“I know you are kind, I don’t care what I hear,

I will get to know you, and not cower in fear.”


I Have a hero. My hero is to be expected. My hero is the kind of person that will accidentally make his homemade root beer explode all over the kitchen, who loves to give long lectures, documentaries, and politics. He’s scary great at the advice in nearly any department on this planet, and he gives the warmest hugs. He’s the kind of person who will do something nice for you, or do what’s best for you, just because It’s in his natural character.

This is the kind of person who would rather keep to himself and doesn’t smile often, but when he does, it makes you feel just as warm as a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly winter morning.

This person is my dear old dad. He’s exactly the kind of person that I want to be. I could’ve written about any of the countless inspiring authors and illustrators, and writers. Or even a celebrity I admire  (Though all the celebrities that I like are dead.) I chose instead to write about my Dad because he is the biggest hero in my life. He loves to “opera sing”, and he knows just when to laugh, and he’s always pleasant to be around. He’s a constant worrier, and a total printer nerd, but he’s my dad and my hero, and my friend. I love him with all my heart.

he is, 100%, the kind of person I aspire to be.

Renewing something good with something BAD

The challenge for this week was to eat a food that scares you or a new food. I did JUST THAT

I am the kind of person who is very picky about their food. It is also valuable to know that other than hot dogs, there is only one other food that makes me feel nauseous…squash, broccoli or cauliflower soup. For my birthday, my parents took me to Zupas. Which is a soup and sandwich place that I only remember loving.

I had gotten the Wisconsin cauliflower soup and a turkey bacon avocado sandwich. It had been about a year or so since the last time I had been at that restaurant, and remembered liking everything that I had gotten at the time.

I am absolutely terrible at making decisions and so even though I was nervous about the cauliflower soup, I decided to get it anyway because it was something I was already familiar with. They put a spoonful of cheddar and bacon on top of the soup which made it look even better than it already had when they played the warm bowel into my hands.

I was an inch away from victory. I was about to drink the very soup that could threaten my very stomach and throw it right out the window. I was about to drink. WISCONSIN. . . .CAULIFLOWER.

I lifted the nearly overflowing spoon to my lips and I struggled to fit the entire soup spoon into my mouth, but I was able to get the creamy mixture into my mouth. The texture was familiar, and the taste was almost exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I was looking for a squash soup, sick feeling vibe from the soup. But it was just soup. It wasn’t my favorite and I ate far too much that night so I ended up with a stomache ache anyway by the end of dinner. lol