Recently we have learned about Belief Windows, which are a mental construct of the brain that make every person see the world differently.  Not necessarily see with your eyes, but with your mind as well. Everyone has accepted things correct, and have made assumptions, and more that could all be very incorrect. These beliefs, assumptions, (etc) can also have an impact on a persons actions.

This idea is really interesting to me and I think that my belief window definitely comes into play when I am faced with a decision I have to make. I think that it shapes anyone’s actions because every person believes things differently.

I think that is important to know what we believe, because we could learn that we are totally wrong. It is also important to know that there are other beliefs that other people have, and we do not have the right to judge based upon those beliefs.

In my opinion, I think that beliefs are formed based upon what we understand about was we saw from a scenario. Everyone sees everything differently, so many people will make decisions different than others, because that is what they saw.

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