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Beliefs and Actions

Recently we have learned about Belief Windows, which are a mental construct of the brain that make every person see the world differently.  Not necessarily see with your eyes, but with your mind as well. Everyone has accepted things correct, and have made assumptions, and more that could all be very incorrect. These beliefs, assumptions, (etc) can also have an impact on a persons actions.

This idea is really interesting to me and I think that my belief window definitely comes into play when I am faced with a decision I have to make. I think that it shapes anyone’s actions because every person believes things differently.

I think that is important to know what we believe, because we could learn that we are totally wrong. It is also important to know that there are other beliefs that other people have, and we do not have the right to judge based upon those beliefs.

In my opinion, I think that beliefs are formed based upon what we understand about was we saw from a scenario. Everyone sees everything differently, so many people will make decisions different than others, because that is what they saw.

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The end is halfway upon us

I am really proud of the work that I have done this term. I have been working really hard in everything I do, including the sports that I play. Something that I could do to improve is making sure I know when things are due and the date of a test so I can prepare for it.

Another thing that has been going really well this term is my independent reading. I try to read a lot but I am usually so busy at home. But at school my reading is going fine. I wish I had finished more books because I only finished one. I think that reading independently every day will definitely affect my future as  a critical thinker and a communicator.

The goals that I remember that I set for school is reading about 10-15 minutes every day. I achieve that goals on B-days in English but not on my own. I think that I could do better and pick more fun and interesting books to read.  I will work harder to achieve this goal.

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Literature Review

This story is about a newly wedded couple that crash land into the Amazon Rain forest. The story was really repetitive and kept using the same words over and over again. The author was really creative and used good figurative language. The writing was clean and you can understand it. The author could have been less repetitive and made sure that she avoided run on sentences. The author moves that were made were really good and I could tell that the mood was mysterious and scary. For this story I will give it about an 8. This story was really good.

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1% gain

I want to start doing 1% gains.  These little gains build up on each other to create a great, successful result.  For my 1% gain I want to drink at least 2 water bottles every day and eat more vegetables and fruit.  I am playing 2 sports right now (volleyball and basketball)  and I go from one to the other. I work really hard in both of them, and eating well and drinking a lot of water will help me perform better. Eating healthy and staying hydrated is super important to me and I really want to perform well. Eating well and drinking 2 water bottles every day will be my 1% gain.

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Tell Me About It

What I have been really focusing on this week is keeping up with all of my homework because basketball has been taking up most of my time since I have it every single day. I’m going to get even busier because I’m also on the national team for volleyball and have practices 3 times a week. I’m going to be really busy so I have to keep up on my homework. It will be really fun though.

This week I’m also going to try to spend more time with my family because my Dad is always gone for basketball, my sister is gone for volleyball and soccer, and my mom always meetings. Usually it’s just me and my little sister. Spending quality time with my family is really important to me so I’m going to find all of the time I can to just chill with my family.

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What I’m Reading

I’m reading a book called The Alchemyst.  I picked this book because the author is Michael Scott-just like the one from The Office! I expected this book to kind of be about magic and spells, and it did meet my expectation for that, but it was really boring and took too long to get to the good parts of the book. What I liked about it was that they went a lot of places and the wording was really descriptive so I always had a picture in my head of what they were trying to describe. I finished this book today and I wouldn’t really recommend it just because it was really boring. But maybe people who like magic and slow-paced books would like it.

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Who am I as a reader?

Who am I as a reader? I am a fairly good reader and I can get through a book pretty fast if I am reading a good book.  I have always been really good at writing essays and making up stories because my inspiration comes from books and other stories. I can read fast and accurately too.

When I finish a book, I have definitely learned a lesson. I learn a lesson from every book I read even if it is a picture book or a little story.  From being a good friend, a good sibling, doing what you love for a job or something, a lesson is learned every time I read a book. I really like to read because it definitely has an impact on my life.

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How I Did During First Term

First term was really easy for me and I understood everything that Mr. Green taught us. What I struggled with was the short stories and being really creative with them. I also have a hard time writing summaries that fit the requirements that the teacher gave us.   An academic goal I want to set it studying for at least 30 minutes for a test a week before I actually have to take it. A personal goal I want to set is to hang out with friends at least once a week and just relax. I have had a CRAZY schedule and I just want to relax and have fun.

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The Power of Words

A variety of words are used when an author writes a book. Many people have cried, been angry, and been happy when they have read a book.  How does the author do that? The author uses certain words and establish a certain setting when the character (or whatever is happening in the book) is supposed to be sad or happy or mad. Words such as depressed and melancholy.

The author can get the reader to think or feel what the author wants you to feel also by using certain words. Figurative language is a great way to make the reader feel what is going on. Example: My heart is as sad as a black stone under the sea. Figurative language is a great way to make the reader “feel”.

Authors can also influence our feeling by not exactly telling us that the character is happy, but by describing what the character is doing or how the weather is. The author doesn’t have to say that the character is happy, they just have to describe what is going on that makes the situation happy.

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What kind of writer am I?

When I write I think that I can come up with really creative ideas and can get into the “deep thinker” mode. What I have a hard time with is my wording. I feel like I use the word “I” and “then” too much. Another thing I struggle with is that I use the same word for each start of a sentence which is usually “then”. Creativity is one of my strengths and I just need to use it to my advantage.

A goal that I can set for myself is probably using good and clever wording instead of “then this happened” or “then she went to see what it was.” Better wording and not using the same word for the start of every sentence will be my goal for the rest of my writing assignments this year.

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